Workouts for WEIGHT LOSS -120lbs (for beginners) +MOTIVATION

Workouts for WEIGHT LOSS  -120lbs (for beginners) +MOTIVATION

Hello everyone
Welcome back to my channel💘 Today I have an updated* workouts for WEIGHT LOSS!! These were the very first workouts I EVER did to see RESULTS at the beginning of my journey 💪🏼 I hope this helps you get started on YOUR JOURNEY ‼️ #GetYaShitDone✅ & I can’t thank you guys enough for ALL THE LOVE & SUPPORT I receive from all of you 😭🙏🏼💖 May god bless you ALL 🙌🏼🙏🏼 much love & thank you so much for watching!! Feel free to comment any video suggestions you’d like to see✨ lysm💕

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Priscila Michelle says:

I love how she keeps it so real with us, tells us what we need to hear ☝🏻 #getyashitdone

Navleen Kaur says:

Is it just me, or does she kinda looks like Vanessa Hudgens

Anam Mian says:

Can you please do some weight training videos? Thank you

Nancy Velasco says:

What can I do instead of the stair master my gym doesn’t have it ?? 🥰💓😍 PS Your Results Are Amazing 🥰

Valarie Perez says:

1st time viewer girl love this video I’ve been going to gym for 14days lost a couple of pounds I was 320 down to 304! I always beat my self with cheat day I’ve been eating good and counting my calories. You made me feel so much better!!!!!!!!! Definitely subscribe to you!!

Sey Sen says:

one of the fitness person i listen and believe too for sure…. lol….. im motivated lol

Vanessa Rios says:

I'm living for the animal sounds ❤ 😂

Vanessa Rios says:

What are your opinions on yoga

Soulflower Cee says:

This was so relatable and helpful! I’m 240 and 5’2. My turning point was being told im prehypertensive, and realizing how tired i am when i play with my toddler and how disappointed she looks when mommy has to stop and sit down. Sometimes it feels like if you’re not doing the same exercises as everybody else at the gym then its not even worth it, but you just proved that wrong. Getting my membership this weekend! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 thank you!!

jdelgadosegovia says:

I wish I could do all the high impact stuff but my shins will hurt 😢

lama says:

what do u recommend doing with weights? i dont wanna bulk up i wanna be lean n thin

supper Bunny says:

Cute outfit!:)

Esperanza Hernandez says:

Omg!! Thank you for the tons of info. You have provided, this is by far one of the best not only you are so realistic about what what a weight loss journey takes. Gracias😘

Vanessa says:

I honestly feel heavier, and this just motivates me to get off my ass and start working out . I don’t hate how i look i just want to feel healthy again

Vanessa Yoana says:

Just started Friday and I also set myself to success starting off slow with workout which is nice to hear is okay. Also been doing clean eating and counting calories drinking nothing but water so I am hoping I see results weigh 174 currently goal is 140

Hell Planet says:

What about streach marks in you body not hating but just asking ✌

Monserrat De Luna says:

Your video really motivated me the problem is that I have a medical problem and I'm so scared to hurt my knees there's a way you can help me with that or tell me what kind of exercises I can do

Queen Lele says:

Im about to give up like… im at the point where i dont feel comfortable jump roping

Jocelyn Rose says:

this is honestly the first weight loss video that i’ve found on youtube that was explained and very very helpful. i appreciate this so much & will definitely be looking forward to more videos!! thank you so much ❤️


Awesome Video thank you

Robbie says:

Wow amazing transformation. Respect.

Kalid Highlights says:

Ass omg 😮

Patricia Parra says:

Im 145 and i do not look like that🤣

kes kis says:

Where did you get that top??

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