Weight Training – Full Body Workout for Women over 50

Weight Training – Full Body Workout for Women over 50

This full body workout for women over 50 is easy on the body and helps to strengthen bones and muscles.
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Weight training for women over 50 can help you build muscle, maintain bone density as you age, and even help you lose weight.

As women get older, estrogen levels decrease, which leads to a drop in bone density. This means older women start to become more at risk for bone fractures. Weight training for women over 50 can combat this effect while also preventing the loss of muscle as you age. The benefits of strength training for females are numerous, but many women overlook strength training. Strengthening bones and building muscle for women is important for your long term health.

We recommend full body weight lifting twice per week.

Example of a Full Body Workout for Women over 50
(4:03) Front Squat (3sets x 8-15reps)
(5:39) Stiff Deadlift (3sets x 8-15reps)
(7:24) Dumbbell Rows (3sets x 6-15reps)
(8:58) Chest Press (3sets x 6-15reps)
(12:03) Shoulder Press (3sets x 6-15reps)
(13:44) Standing Biceps Curls (3sets x 6-15reps)
(15:21) Laying French Press/Skull Crushers (3sets x 6-15reps)
(16:47) RKC Plank (Hold for 20-60 seconds)
(18:12) Bicycle Crunch (30-60 seconds)

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-Dr. Balduzzi + The Women's Health Experts @ The Fit Mother Project

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**Disclaimer: This information is for reference purposes ONLY and cannot replace personal information you can and should discuss with your Doctor. If you have any concerns about your health, you should see your Doctor immediately. Results vary by individual, so we do not guarantee you will get the same results as any shown here or on our website.



Kelle Kerr says:

Was just diagnosed with low bone density for the first time at 66. Going to try this workout and hopefully build that bone back!

Justina Morgan says:

These look great, need this !!! At 68 y/o have some joint issues, hip replacement a few years ago and rotator cuff surgery just over a year ago and now a cranky knee. Just wrapping up with physical therapy, for the second time since most recent surgery. Loved physical therapy but insurance coverage is running out. Need to continue to get stronger but safely.

Maria Luz Rubillos says:

New here, thank you i need this exercise.

Eva Kelley says:

Thank you for this channel God bless!😇💐

Kimberly Stanley says:

Thank you…great workout!

Hope Blossom says:

Thank you so much.

Lisa Mullin says:

How much weight should we be using for this program please?

Anita Badeau says:

Great workout. I'm 70 and I need this. I'll let you know how I feel after 1 month.

Aisha Ashiru says:

I will share this with my mum. I just started today and I found it very effective and easy to do.

Aisha Ashiru says:

Thanks. It is a nice workout.

Sonu says:

oh thank u sooooo much.

Melinda Murphy says:

No can do squats. Have done aerobics for many years and have knee problems. I am 59 years old. Have no cartilage in my left knee and the other one is also not good.

Kimberly Route says:

New subscriber. Going to do this today. I’m getting started. Thank you.

Helen Webster says:

I pretty much slowly walked through this workout with 2.5 lb. Weights for the first time. I was sure I would not be able to finish it but surprisingly I did! I ordered a set of 5 lb. Weights to try next week.

Chris Klein says:

At the end are we eventually doing THREE planks and THREE bicycle crunches? Or one of each. Thanks SO much.

KISS Keto By Keto Cath says:

Thanks so much, I’m 53 been doing keto & lost 35lbs and really need to start developing my muscles and tone so this is very much needed & useful for me.

Eva Westad says:

Thank you!💞

Helen Webster says:

Just reviewed this video. Cardiologist said I should exercise. This along with interval training is my goal. I am 67 yrs old with carotid artery disease and I am going to give this a try!

Silvia Santos says:

Really Really helpful I am 54 and I love your training, I've been trying everything and nothing have worked for me.. Your advices and videos are so motivates that I am so happy to fo have found you.. Thank you very much for thinking about us…💙💜💙💜👍👍👍👍

Elaine Sellner says:

One more question, the Stiff Dead Lift sometimes irritates my back. Is there an alternate exercise that you would recommend?

Janet Hollon says:

Exactly what I was looking for! Perfect I’m 65 and retired somewhat and need a specific routine to habit to that with keep me from losing my muscle. Perfect.

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