Total Body Strength Training Without Weights for Women | Home Workout (No Jumping) | Joanna Soh

Total Body Strength Training Without Weights for Women | Home Workout (No Jumping) | Joanna Soh

Strength Training does not mean lifting weights! You CAN strength train using only your BODYWEIGHT. This workout is low impact and great for beginners too. SUBSCRIBE for new videos every week: SHARE your fitness pictures, tag me @JoannaSohOfficial #JSohActive

♥ Joanna is a certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM) and Nutrition Coach.

Filmed at Be Urban Wellness:


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This is a total body STRENGTH TRAINING workout which can you do anywhere! The goal is to complete all 4 circuits in the shortest time possible.

1) Prisoner Squats
2) Wide to Narrow Pushups
3) Forward to Back Lunge (right)
4) Forward to Back Lunge (left)
5) Tip Toe Sumo Squats
6) Superman to Plank
7) Cross Plank
8) Knee Tucks

Total Time: 20 – 25 minutes
Sequence: 4 Circuits
Set 1 – 20reps
Set 2 – 15reps
Set 3 – 10reps
Set 4 – 5reps

To progress:
– Choose the advance option.
– Complete the workout in the shortest time possible, try to take shorter breaks in between,
– Lift some weights to make the exercises tougher or add jumps.



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Elysia Lokes says:

YES. I do not like jumping things. I'm weird about my bouncy titties lol

Vittoria Castellano says:

im a beginner and this was way to hard for me ugh

Oindrila Das says:

Is a 49 years old woman can do this exercise? is it safe for heavy weight people too?

careless whisper says:

Can i do it??i am underweight..i have 8kg under it safe for me??

shankari karthick says:

u done excellent , a nice video for us thk u so much

Kavita saini says:

What about eating plan?

ใจกลาง ความเจ็บปวด says:

Thx for your trianing 😇 love you ~

kavita mishra says:

what an impressive instructor, just perfect simple but super effective workouts. you are the best out there. thank you for the workouts !

Urvi Khandel says:

This is my first attempt.. I'm so proud of myself 😆 I completed all set but can't do two to more push ups entire set..
Wish me luck for next few weeks 🤗🤗

ji-hye says:

Will this make your legs bulkier if you do this everyday?

Satvir Sekhon says:

thanks Joanna

Kabin DAS says:

You are amazing 😘

Athena Itable says:

I'm loving the background though

suba sri says:

Its too hard😥😥iam not able to walk..i just dis only one round…nd my body is dead.. iam a beginner nd its really hard…

Maudina Eka says:

how many calories that we burn if we did this?

H J says:

can I loose weight with this too

J. Heart says:

Made it only to 12 minutes hahahaha

riddhi patel says:

Mam , plz make more video on stregthning without equipment..

Shelli-Ann says:

I cant do a single push up but people think my arms are cut

Jinne Lee says:

Im literally crying after those lunges because the pain is excruciating… either i did them wrong or im super weak 😂😭

Tanya Firicano says:

Can this routine help with weight gain?

Farida Bohra says:

Are these exercises useful for weight gain too?

Hajer Abdualrahman says:

Is this workout suitable for a gaining weight plan ?

ji-hye says:

why are you doing everything as if u are in a hurry wtf

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