Total Arm Workout with Dumbbells for Women

Total Arm Workout with Dumbbells for Women

Arm workout for women with dumbbells to tone and sculpt your muscles. Perfect exercises to get lean arm muscles. Do this home workout 4/5 times a week to obtain toned arms, shoulders, biceps and triceps as soon as possible.

⦿ Calorie Burn: 80 – 200

⦿ Frequency: do the workout 4 times a week

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Consult your doctor before starting these exercises .

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DIVYA Janga says:

How many kgs use for dumbbels

Dejhia Bailey says:

Does this build muscles. 💪🏿

moon head says:

My arms are starting to have really small muscles after doing it for 4 days. Is it bad or good?

Misty Auger says:

great arm workout and because of your voice, even my form was good! arms feel like jellllo lol

ชนิกา ชำนาญ says:

Love love love these.>>> Perfect for lifting at home and a better price option then just continuing to buy a set at every weight when I need them. Easy to quickly switch weight, not too bulky (though takes some getting used to), and gotta love the free Amazon shipping for such a heavy package!

Kurapati Rishitha says:

What is the weight of each dumbbell?

Luwany K says:


Paula Almeida Rea Stephens says:

Great workout !

Erica Khandaker says:

I'm starting this today. Hope it's effective 🤞

Sabbir Khan says:

Men can do this exercise ?

Mariana Betancour Tobar says:

I love your vids but the first one took way to long and I stopped

Anisha Ammu says:

Please reply me

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