TONE & SHAPE Your Arms + Chest Workout For Women

TONE & SHAPE Your Arms + Chest Workout For Women

Full arm exercise to tone and form your biceps and triceps! Plus exercise for the chest-

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Dietary supplements I like to recommend:

♡ PEScience Prolific pre-exercise (incorporates caffeine)
♡ PEScience Excessive Quantity pre-exercise (with out caffeine. I stack this with Prolific)
♡ Xtend BCAA's (blood orange, mango and grape are my favourite flavors)
♡ Plant Based mostly Protein I like to recommend:
♡ Greatest tasting protein (attempt vanilla or cookies n' creme)



four units of 10
incline single dumbbell press

TRISET | three units
10-12 dumbbell chest fly
12-15 tricep dips
12-15 alternating ahead/aspect bicep curl

SUPERSET | 2 units
10 horizontal tricep extension
10 single-arm cable chest crossover

DROPSET | 2 units
eight reps … then decrease weight
10 reps … then decrease weight
12 reps … then decrease weight
15 reps

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Whitney Simmons says:

See you on FRIDAY for day 1 of WHITMAS!! I hope you’re as excited as I am!!!! ❤️🎉🎄🎁

Ps. Lol let’s just ignore the psoriasis on my nose thank you good news the prescribed cream is working wonders snap fam know wassup

Erin Valdez says:

Oooo oooo! Am I the only one SO EXCITED FOR WHITMAS😭😭😭😍😍

carly trussel says:

Hi yes hello just a random subscriber but I wanna say that you are SUCH an awesome person. The way you inspire and enjoy women to workout and go to the gym and feel good is just so awesome. I would love to have a job like yours 😂 but fr you're so cool and you have such killer arms/shoulder like dang girl let's trade, ok? Alsoooo you have such good content!! Like then best on YouTube hands down. Bomb videos, workouts in the description box and everything…
Ps. You're supa close to 1m subs and that's way amazing for u.

Tallstream 73 says:

I love you so much your videos always help me

MarcellaRose says:

I'm new to this channel and wants to know if you workout everyday?

Anthea Giselle says:

I did this workout yesterday AND I AM SO SORE TODAY 😩👌🏽👌🏽

Erin S says:

You look incredible and have a beautiful personality to boot. I imagine that you get a lot of attention at the gym. Do you ever feel uncomfortable? Do you ever have to deal with creepers? I think I'm just old and boring. Lol. I want no one to look at me at the gym!

Anastasia Sel says:

Whitney your arms!!!! GOALS GOALS GOALS. I felt like a massive creep staring at your arms in this video😂 Motivation to get my chicken arms back in shape!

Ashly King says:

Whit, I haven't been able to work out because of school and a kitchen remodel that we've been doing ourselves. It is still a priority for my life but I took on too much. The things you have said in your videos in SnapChat over the last year-and-a-half that I've been following you have remained in my mind and are my inspiration to get back to taking care of myself in this way.

sadiexxg says:

Love the pocket in your leggings! 💞

Alexa Pharuns says:

oh man I feel like the entire year has been nothing but waiting for Whitmas 🎄

Ana Gillespie says:

Could you show proper forms vs wrong for workouts?

Samantha says:

Thank youuuuuu!!! 😮

Hailey Briones says:

Where is that sweatshirt from?? I need it!

Kiersten Gruteke says:

What shoes are you wearing????? They are so cute!

Dafne De Bellefeuille says:

I always like your videos before watching them because I already know that I'll LOVE it❤️

Erika Smith says:

Gotta know what you use to keep that awesome tan!

Melissa Mariano says:


Noelle Cusimano says:

Just did this workout in they gym this morning and that droplet is NO JOKE. Love this workout!

Annette Vasquez says:

Soooo freaking ready for Whitmas 😍💕

Christina Vogt says:

“Chesticles” 😂 you’re the best

Natalie H says:

That outfit is fire

Myrtle says:

A few videos ago you mentioned the straw-lid of your hydro flask leaked. Would you recommend a different lid? I prefer straws but heard others have the same issue

Marian Attie says:

Am I the only one who sees her leanest ever in this video? That waist and those abs are ridiculously leannnn. Girl did you change diet or workout??

Lolo Saunders says:

Whitney you’ve been looking so lean!! We need your secret ! Abs poppin 🔥🙌🏽

Alex Ziegler says:

Arms were on 🔥 🔥 wanted to end with some push-ups and that failed. Realized my arms were toast.
GREAT workout!!

Eline says:

Giiiiiiirl your delts & biceps! I’m in love! Also the dreamy bra suits you so well 😍

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