The PERFECT Leg Workout for Women

The PERFECT Leg Workout for Women

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4 sets 15, 12, 10, 5 reps
1 finisher set 15 reps

5 sets 15, 12, 10, 8, 6 reps

Leg Swings:
15 side raises
15 inner thigh raises
15 donkey kickbacks
(3 rounds EACH leg)

Smith Calf Raises:
3 sets 15-20 reps
(increasing weight)

Smith Partial Squats:
3 sets 12-20 reps

Lying Leg Curls:
3 sets 12-20 reps
(increasing weight)

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Danielle Clarke says:

That's my girlfriend Michelle too!

Kevin Pullen says:

That's my girlfriend Michelle too.

Tonya Crocker says:

Have I been doing deads wrong? I definitely don't squat that much.

Shannon Browne says:

Thick girl work

Rosh Lepz says:

Is this okay with osteoarthritis?

Adibah Mat Yasin says:

Thats not deadlift..that was squat..incorrect form tho

Adibah Mat Yasin says:

Horrible..why she eat protien like that

sasika aprilia says:

Your back n your neck… gesssss

Javier Martinez says:

Her heavy deadlift set wasnt all the bad. Starting rep did have an arch which looked like it was fixed in the later reps. Having a belt could helpbut Keep up the good work

alex vwenz says:

good lord she is so fine.

maria luisa says:

Nice workout.

Douaa Nada says:

But why your butt flat af tho!? My bad lol nice shape didn’t notice till the end

Jazz P says:

ppl so annoying in these comments. thank you for the workout! i'm going to try it later today

Blessd Nina says:

I neeed quads like hers they looks so good! Awesome video

Marissa Beatty says:

This is at my old gym holla. Now im in colorado at 24 hour fitness

bbrock RailFan says:

Their shouldnt be a leg workout for women, their should just be a leg workout.

Desert Rose says:

Maybe less weight on the deadlifts. Form is bad at 135.

nikki Peach says:

Keep up the hard work and have fun. Disregard the negativity.

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