The 3 WORST Workouts for Women to Get Lean

The 3 WORST Workouts for Women to Get Lean


Frustrated by the last 10 lbs.?

One of these might be your mistake.

Worst Workouts for Women who want to get Lean:
#1 : Slow Boring Cardio Torture

#2: Heavy Lifting, Bodybuilder Style

#3: Barbie Weights, Not Even Flexing

✔BEST BUTT Workouts:
✔BLAST FAT FAST: Hardcore Advanced Tabata Workout
✔TONED ARMS Workout for Women to Eliminate Bat Wings

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sarah jenkins says:

No.offense but your body is not a goal for me

Ranjeeta Prajapati says:

I use wieght up to 2.50 or some times 5

what is athletic style
Pls clear

Ranjeeta Prajapati says:

Pls clear no 2
what is athletic or cardio style.

bcoz may be this is why the upper part of my hands looks like a body builder

Ranjeeta Prajapati says:

I couldn't understand the second suggestion.
Pls clear it

arteest94 says:

How do you cancel subscription for team live lean monthly payment? I cannot currently afford it and I need to cut costs.

Roxi Bonneville says:

Thanks for the video! I just keep struggling with that last 10 pounds and it makes me so frustrated. I want to get one of your plans but I am not sure what one is the best for me. I am 44 and weigh 130 and I am 5'3". I want to see my abs by my birthday in September. Do you think I should do the mass 2.0 or the woman's one? I work out regularly and have for the last 4 years. I did vegan for three years and then back in December I switched to keto. They all seem to bring me back to 130. I will get to 125 but then a month later back to 130. I want to be 118. I just need to choose a plan and run with it. Thanks for all the helpful videos you both do! 🌷

Amy Lynn says:

I have an elliptical & I sweat my butt off. I’ve lost a lot with it. Mine has resistance and tilt so I get a great workout, do intervals of high resistance/intensity. definitely need to focus and try to push yourself, gotta get that heart rate up not just be a zombie.

carebear B says:

Thank you 🙂 Do you have any programs for at home workouts?

KatzeDerNacht22 says:

Spot on! I mean, I do lift heavy but the middle part of my training includes weird ab workouts with a ball, battle rope, skipping rope, stuff like that, I certainly do lift not so heavy on the squats, cos I do about 15, but the leg press machine is to the max, it's all very nicely mixed up and since I changed to that formula, per my new coach's advise, I am seeing results.

Soulful Sweat says:

Interesting tips, check out our channel and subscribe at Soulful Sweat 😘

Su Su says:

It’s confusing, lift heavy for arms, but not chest? Women’s can’t get bulky

Lucie Vilimová says:

Great tips, I would love to see more tips and tricks how to lose the last 10 pounds (or in my case 5 pounds) of stubborn fat 😀

Holly Cardell says:

I wasn’t listening because I thought my daughter was waking up and i thought i heard “For women who want to get laid” 😂

Rana Awwad says:

Hi Jessica, When you say "not heavy" can you tell us how many reps maximum I should be able to do? I thought the heavier the better. thanks

Lemon Lindsay says:

Gah! I have over 100 lbs to lose but I don’t wanna do any of these workouts either 😂

Actually I’ve been going to tabata classes at my gym and I love them! So much fun, the time flies by and it’s super challenging!

True Red says:

Thanks for the info jessica
Im been trying hard to get abs lol well I will be happy if I just losse fat hahaha

Maggie F says:

This video is for me. I go to Hiit and circuit classes now.

Sally Wally says:

Heavy lifting? What kind of bs is that sorry but i lift heavy and it gets my heart rate up more than lifting lower weight, and i am pretty lean because im building muscle that way and it allows you to eat more too. It doesnt matter what your doing in the gym to get lean you need a calorie defecit to say there is a wrong workout to get lean is stupid it matters about what you eat, this video is misleading


abs are made in the kitchen. move, any movement is good. if you skip the gym, skip the cupcakes. though, as a rule of thumb skip the cupcakes altogether.

Jaafar A says:

Is 15 ibs weights or 10 weights are good for starters?

Jaafar A says:

Thank you for the tip jessica you and Brad are amazing

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