Strength Training for Women Over 40 MADE EASY!

Strength Training for Women Over 40 MADE EASY!

Full body workout for women over 40. All you need are 2 pairs of dumbbells, and this workout is perfect for ALL levels. So, push play & let's get going 👊

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𝐉𝐨𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐛𝐞:⁣
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⁣Tools: a pair of heavy & moderate dumbbells

1, Stationary lunge
2. Other leg
3 x 30sec

3. Chest press
4. Bicycle crunches
3x 30sec

5. Piston rows
6. Sumo squat
3 x 30sec

7. Single leg deadlift
8. Tricep extensions (behind head)
9. Other leg deadlift
10. Bicep curls
3 x 30sec

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Fitness with PJ says:

Sorry! From 29:4031:09 the video quality is crap. I have no idea why, my apologies. ox PJ

Amita Kamboj says:

I liked ur workout i will definitely try it 👍👍

Debra Paulson says:

Thank you PJ for a nicely balanced workout for older women. I am 65 and since the corona virus our YMCA is closed. It is nice to be able to have a coached workout available on Utube. The end of the video has interference so maybe you could redo it. I did your HIIT one today. I am from Media PA.

Annie MacLeod says:

Great workout and I'm not sure why but I like when you randomly swear at me LOL Subbed

Julie Coley says:

Love it!!! Thank you!!!!

Nahoko Sato says:

I love this workout. Thanks PJ! I have been looking for a workout which I can continue daily and enjoyable. This workout is so perfect. It's my 8th day and feeling so good!

Linda Coss says:

This was my first time doing one of your workouts. Loved it! Looking forward to trying some more.

Karla Tompson says:

Wonderful workout!

Orchard Makeup says:

Thanks for this. It was a bit tricky, but hopefully I will get stronger. 🙂

denita tiberie says:

First time working out with you! Awesome workout. Will be checking out more of your videos. Thank you so much!

Tracy Jackson says:

Just did this workout! I loved it, finally a workout for women over 40. I am 44 and I am not new to working out, but PJ you are the best! I subscribed and plan to do your workouts 4x per week! Thank you

Katie Rider says:

Just tried this work out and loved it 💕👍

Kim Henri says:

New subscriber! Great workout. I’m doing it every other day👍

Shellene Wyrick says:

I love your stories about your dogs and for keeping it real!

Angham Abdullah says:

Thank you PJ…I was always afraid of working out with my 2.5 KG dumbbell and your workout have me confidence… I love your sense of humour …Looking forward to having more of this x

Pamela Wijnberg says:

Hi PJ, thanks again for another great workout! I just did this with my husband ! He enjoyed it so much as well…:) We'll be doing lots more of your videos, lockdown in SA as been extended for another 2 weeks!!Thanks again! xx

Josepha Guillaume says:

Loved doing this workout! Thank you! I also work like Zack with horses, cats and dogs. I am sure you will love my channel the talking furkids! See my cat and dog speak with talk buttons amongst other things. I also don’t have human kids, only fur kids, by choice. Little things about your video I would love extra, some training music in the back ground ☺️ So happy I found this channel ❤️🤘

Adrienne Kinsella says:

This is my favorite strength workout! Thanks PJ!

Angel Blackley says:

I am 60 and usually do Jazzercize 4 times a week. Due to Isolation I am trying new workouts. Love the strength training. I am just too old for burpees and 200 pushups, lol. Thanks

laura M. says:

great sheppard has an attitude as well…leg swing move is a physio move for me..i don't go anymore but I'm suppose to keep it up..thanks pj!

Gris_ Esquivel says:

Loved it! You are fantastic. Unable to go to the gym cause covid19. Thanks .

Danielle Maroney says:

You have a great body and a great spirit to match.

Garlic Girl says:

Crazy week at work. Only exercised twice☹️. Today finally had time for a proper workout. Whew! This was good to get back in the swing😃. Where are your fitness friends?

Carolyn Stockton says:

First time I’ve worked out with you. You’re fantastic. I am going to be 60, and I find your workouts to be effective in just right. New subscriber.

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