Sculpt Your Shoulders | Back & Arms Workout For Women

Sculpt Your Shoulders | Back & Arms Workout For Women


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Nikki Blackketter
7095 Hollywood Blvd #809
Hollywood, CA 90028


My name is Nikki Blackketter!
I live in Los Angeles, California currently, I moved here from Houston, Texas!
I am a short human, a cat lover, & a total kid at heart.
I make vlogs, try-on hauls, get ready with me, workouts etc that are mostly about fitness / weight lifting workouts & adventures with friends, family, & cat companion.
My vlogs show how I balance being in my 20s and having fun, with working out and making sure my diet and health is on point too! I like to keep a nice, toned figure!
Glute & leg lifts are my specialty. 🙂
I also enjoy video games, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and have some stormtrooper friends.
Gets pretty wild over here, lol.
Please subscribe to keep up with the day in the life!!
Love yall so much!! clothing haul must haves vlogger

Editor : Ashley Que
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g405t says:

Nice arms, Go Nikki!

nevsnniks says:

I’m also turning 29 this year… 😱😅. You’re looking stunning though Nikki! After legs (of course) shoulders are my other favorite muscle group to workout for some reason. We love you missy! ♥️

Kaleigh Dee says:

Giiirl! You so cute!! Digging the short hair sooo much😍❤️🍍

Katie O'Shaughnessy says:

Will you be going to the Arnold!?

katria lanzas says:

Can you share you workout playlist with us and also what video Editor do you use ??? I love your videos sooo much ive been following you since you first started your journey God bless you always your my inspiration and you will always be 🙏💪❤️

Mar. V says:

The short hair is ten times sexier😍😍. Oh and thanks for the upper body workout. I needed it!❤❤

Molasor Rosalom says:

Are you doing something different, you have a glow about you.

DonnaLa Fitness says:

Nikki so flippin CUTE!!! 🙃😍🙂

Carla Ramirez says:

i LOVE your workout voiceover videos! It's really helpful to see proper form 🙂 thanks girl! also you look GREAT

Karen Palmer says:

Your not awkward, you are entertaining

kaity kat33 says:

omg i still cant get over how cute you look w your haircut!!! everytime i see a never upload i want to instantly click and watch but i had to brace myself and watch it during cardio so i could aftually get through it 😂 btw noo need to feel awko when recording i look up to you as THE PROFESSIONAL workout vlogger! i have been watching you videos for a while now and i still get super kotivated everytime i watch a new video bc you look so great!!! keep up the hard work:) ❤️

valeria rodriguez says:

Your shirt 😍😍 where did you get it?

Karen Palmer says:

Just say you want to get swoll

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