OFFICIAL Abs Workout Routine || 7 Min At Home Workout || Black Women Fitness

OFFICIAL Abs Workout Routine || 7 Min At Home Workout || Black Women Fitness

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Koboko FItness is right here that will help you get the physique it's worthwhile to fulfill your future. Meals, fitness, and the whole lot in between. Koboko Fitness has you coated!

Come exercise with me as typically as attainable. I will be posting abs exercises, butt exercises, exercises for black ladies and far more.

On this fitness channel, you will discover primarily exercises and well being ideas. The exercises embrace afro beat exercises, african yoga, yoga for abs, yoga for the butt, african fitness, quick and straightforward exercises for weight reduction, flatter abs, and power.

Additionally, you will discover the occasional wholesome recipe however most meals associated posts can be found on the weblog – so be sure you test it out.

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Impressive film!
Have a nice evening 🙂

Monte Mamo says:


Inaz4eva _ says:

Today was my first day doing it I’ll try to keep it updated every day.
I first start of with some squats and then a plank and then a squat but you hold it for 40 seconds. Then I did this video. I definitely felt the burn. I’m a teenager so all you teenagers out there you can just do this every day. I already see a difference actually I mean very very little but it’s working. I’m 5”1 1/2 and I weigh 130 pounds I really am trying to fix it. Anyways cya tomorrow

Danielle Sasu says:

Omg im starting this one too today!!! You are amazing so motivating I love you ❤❤❤

HaraYoung says:

i like ur workouts…..u play songs in between and talk making workout less boring cos other workout videos r so boring makes me feel lame while following it….but yours r awesome,,, I've been following it quite sometime and i see great results….thank u for all the videos

W M02 says:

hey, i really hope you answer me! i weigh 49 kg ( im also v short so ) and have belly fat and wide hips! i need to get rid of them but i need something easy but like fast result get it? im also only 14 and really need your help! thanks<3

Tina Martinez says:

Hi iam new to your channel like your videos good workouts, can you do an standing up abs video .thanks

Rickie Taylor says:

Why was that so much harder than she makes it look?! My abs are burning, but I can feel it's totally worth it

diamond nickel says:

this is still painful… but i still do all of your excersice.. i lost 3 kg .. that a small num but im glad found ur channel.. tq koboko fitness

Farrah Hall says:


keysinee subrio says:

Amazing work out, thank you for making all your video always with you everyday! all the way from Philippines.

Blue Eyes says:


diamond nickel says:

its feel like burning😱😱😱😱

Rubab Ali says:

Aur powder milta hai wo honey aur lemon dalkay Pi sakti hon

Rubab Ali says:

Mein Germany may hon tu mein iski tea Pi sakti hon

Sara Vuletic says:

actually love you so much. amazing videos, and you act so natural, unlike other youtubers ❤

Yan Vast says:

I love you !!!

Precious Betty says:

I just did all this 💃💃💃thanks 💋💋

it is Hannah says:

Hi!! First of all, you are one of my favs out here! You are so positive, energetic and motivating, I love it! Thank you for your videos. I just have few questions… I have a BIG problem with planks, no matter how I try, I just can't hold in this position for too long. Also, I have serious problems with my back, but my belly is the only part of my body where I can't get rid of fat. Always when I do exercises to burn belly fat, my back hurts like hell. Do you have any tips or something, please? Either way, thank you so so much!

Ladylyn Pique says:

Love it😍😍 even though it's killing me ahahahah getting me sweat 😂

Lianna taguiam says:

I wish i could do this but im worried with my CS

Marama Lehmann-Iraia says:

Love it. Its not to easy not unbearably hard. And you encourage us the whole way. Awesome stuff.

Donia Kitar says:

I started following your exercise video , they're the best , but please , does this work out helps me lose some belly fat ?

Becky Silky says:

I'm gon start today, wish me luck 😄. its been amazing finding your channel. You are so real, thank you.

Shelly Cohen says:

Amazing workout! Thank you!!! All the way from Israel >3

Rebeka Miczák says:

i was looking for good workout videos and then i found your channel and you totally changed me omg,im so happy that you uploaded theese videos for us,i am doing hip dip exercises everyday and ab exercises every 3days, you inspires me so much and i can't wait to see the results. A huge thank you 2u! ❤️ love from Hungary

Pia Liu says:

I found it funny that every workout video I watch, the person is in nice workout attire and I'm in my bed in ripped skinny jeans and a Supernatural hoodie ^^;

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