Muffin Top Workout | (15 MINS)

Muffin Top Workout | (15 MINS)

Muffin Top Workout At Home With No Equipment



Hey, guys! I have listened to your comments and brought you a muffin top workout at home with no equipment!

This love handle workout routine is great at targetting this exact area – it is challenging but you have to challenge yourself to see change 😉

There is one main circuit in this routine and it will be repeated twice for a total of 15 minutes.

Combine this routine with a well-balanced diet, and you'll be sure to burn that muffin top! You can always add on a cardio/HIIT workout of mine too to up the heart rate.

Hope you all enjoy!

Love Holly xx

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Melani M says:

Hello, Holly have been doing this workout for about a month now. I have noticed a change. I still have the muffin top but I do have to say my muffin top was bulgy very small now. Which other exercise video do you recommend to get the muffin top dissappear?

maliha hamid says:

I literally never comment on youtube but this workout has helped me lose my muffin TO A GREAT extent. I have been doing this for quite a while now and the first time i did this I WAS DYING because im not fit lol but even if it got a bit easier over time I STILL FEEL THE BURN when I do it and tbh I am so much more confident now so try it yall, once you see yourself progressing YOU WILL LOVE IT. trust me.

Hannah Quan says:

the comments on this vid are super positive and I've been doing this for about a week now but just discovered you can't burn fat in certain areas (spot reduction.) Someone help I don't understand!

Browardbby. Lili says:

Me and my mom:yass hunny we did it
her : where going to repeat the whole curicit
My mom: no tf we not😭😭

Krose says:

30 Secs Each
1. crunch knee taps
2. wind wipers
3. balancing woodchoppers (L&R)
4. side plank dips (L&R)
5. plank taps
6. oblique crunches (L&R)
7. Hip dip planks

Moriah Ruiz says:

Does this work on the lower abs. My stomach is flat besides some lower belly fat •_•

Kaylee Smith says:

Guys this really works did it for a week and my body was poppin

Nyla Joyner says:

Idk why but the windshield wipers are so fun to me😂✌and I'm always so sad when they' re over. Thank you so much, Holly, because This gave me great results in like 3 days already. I can see my abs a bit and I can see them, even more, when I flex them. Keep going guys, you got this!

Danielle Kirschner says:

You wanna know what I think of this workout huh?😭😭😭😭 that’s what😫😂🤩🤪

Leah Leah says:

when she says “side planks” 😭😭😭😭😭

Nina Meier says:

Loved it . Please can you do one for 15 min but with different exercises? And would be nice if you could do a full body workout for 60 min xx

Hitler's Breast Milk says:

I'm sure no one will see this but I want to post my progress so others won't feel unmotivated. Keep in mind I am slim but I have some back fat and some stomach fat I want to get rid of.

05/04/20 | Day 1: pretty easy, no progress yet (obviously)
05/05/20 | Day 2: idk how this has gotten harder lol but I'm going to continue to do my best 🙂
05/06/20 | Day 3: tired and sweaty lol

grace burke says:

i just wanna say i’ve been doing this for a week and already see results. it’s a great workout i really recommend it! ps i’ve also been eating healthier than normal

Ludovica Giordano says:

Where is the flat belly detox?

Christen says:

I'm 49 kg but all the fat is on my belly not my ass:/

Aye Aye says:

this works, i’ve been doing this for 5 days and i’ve lost like 2 pounds (i also run for like .8 miles) but like i have extremeeeee love handles and their going down!!

Jadyn Ochoa says:

Where is the 3 day detox?

Morganlefay says:

I can’t find the link for the 3 day detox. I found a link but it was for a quiz. Could someone share it with me if they know it, please?

Carenza Shakespeare says:

Does this actually work? I’ve been doing all sort of exercises for 5 weeks now everyday and nothing is changing. Does this?

Clouddi 34 says:

Me: makes comment about how i gave up. Holly: Replies with inspiration. Me: 😊

vardan Sharma says:

So i been doing holly's workouts for a year now and they are so amazing they've changed me alot …this workout is really amazing i been doing it for a while now and im definitely seeing results …i hope if u read this comment holly i would like thank u alot you've been a life changer for me .xx

Moriah Ruiz says:

The only time I watch ads is during workout videos.

Cassandra Teal says:

I've been doing the ab one and it has been showing me results. Not in a week, but it has been working. I will have to add this one, but I think I will have to make modifications for my back. Thanks, Holly

100 000 subscribers without a video challenge says:

For everyone that’s going to try this in their room without their parents knowing or embarrassed if their parents find out

Feel you

Lucca .C says:

They're deflating .

Mina A says:

Where is the detox?

Meagan May says:

anyone wanna be workout friends and do this everyday
dm me on ig @meagan.sp

lyla mae says:

are hip dip planks extremely hard or anyone else?

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