Leg Slim + Butt Lift Workout! 10 Minute Home Exercises for Beginners with Tiffany

Leg Slim + Butt Lift Workout! 10 Minute Home Exercises for Beginners with Tiffany

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Leg Slim + Butt Lift Workout! 10 Minute Home Exercises for Beginners with Tiffany

This quick 10 minute workout will tone your legs, slim your inner thighs and bonus– lift your butt, too! It's only ten mins, so no excuses! Work out with Tiffany at home for a fit, healthy body!

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PsycheTruth says:

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Prapti Prajapati says:

Gonna try it from tomorrow and i'll keep you guys updated😊

Shreya Sarojkar says:

Lunges makes your quads more muscular and appear !!

Mr Khurana says:

It's so good to do ma'am

Muhammad Ilyas says:

Jab waxan boht ziyada ho to uchal kod or mushkil workout nahi ho sakta

DarthVader20201 says:

Tiffany Blair has nice butt

Monica Beales says:

how long for results

Jo-anna Knight says:

Can’t find a 30 day beginners body workout, can you show me the link please? T y x

hinda Hassan says:

Thank you 🙏🏼 😘

Tomsolomon111 says:


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