Full body workout for women – at home with no equipment

Full body workout for women – at home with no equipment

Combining cardio and power, this full body workout burns energy quick. It may be carried out at home with no equipment. The power workouts makes use of solely body weight, ensuring the feminine watchers will tone however not construct their muscular tissues.

Extra full body exercises are arising! Mixed with shorter 10 to fifteen minute exercises that may be carried out quick.

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MsSpokenWords says:

Should be called death!!! OMG…this was hard

yuvasrii araveti says:

Tq mam,by doing this work out daily,i lost 2kg in 14days.still iam doing daily.

Sakshi Walia says:

Hey, tired many videos. Find ur one great to start exercising. After almost 2years. Will start with ur video….. Will get back to u after 30 days with the measurements

Emily Hinton says:

I liked this video. It looks so easy, but OMG it is not. It hurt so bad!!! But I’m also out of shape, lol. It was easy to keep up with, and there weren’t any distractions.

Jayasree Nair says:

Is this workout help for losing weight and belly?? bcoz I have seen and tried other's workout videos bt no results.. thatz why am asking??

dewi muthi'ah says:

thank you so much I'm sweating

emeline gbegan says:

wow this a great workout. I go to the gym but this workout is amazing.

Amrin Amrin says:

very nice workout

Evaj Dino says:

Shud v have to eat before these workout??

Ammu shweta says:

What is the benefit of doing this excercise?

Mohini Saraf says:

I don’t want to lose much weight since I’m already quite thin, just want to exercise everyday to stay fit. Is this exercise good for that?

Ayaan Chowdhury says:

how much calorie does this burn on an average?

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