I nonetheless keep in mind the primary time I walked in to a health club, I might go searching and see everybody lifting weights & I had NO clue what to do, which machine to make use of and even what muscle teams to work! So I might find yourself going straight to the cardio machines! This video is to point out a few of my favourite and even most advisable workouts to do for every muscle group … there are SO many extra variations and workouts to do for every muscle group but when I had to decide on a single one it might be those proven on this video. I hope you discover this useful! Whether or not you're a newbie within the health club or intermediate/ superior .. we ALL begin someplace… stroll in to that fitness center with confidence and concentrate on YOU. By no means cease engaged on turning into your greatest self! 🙂 a lot love everybody! X Anette



Taylah Wilson says:

Thank you so much!!! I've been going to the gym for 6 months and have only been using the cardio equipment because I had no idea how to use the machines!

Kris Raftopoulos says:

Helpful, thank you. I just started working at the gym and find it hard to know what to work on.

Cristiely De Almeida says:

Thank you for this video!!!! Please make more . Would you please make a video explaining how to divide /plan your workout for the week?

Auset Hotep says:

Very informative thanks a lot

Julia Castro says:

Thank you so much! I really needed this! Im barely starting to work out. It worked legs last night and I was super embarrassed because I was walking around the gym not knowing what to do. But I absolutely loved your video. Im fairly skinny trying to gain weight but also tone as well. I have a quick question. If im about 110 lbs, and im not use to lifting or working legs would I start with the lightest weight and do however many reps I can do? Or would I do like 10 reps each and keep increasing the weights until I can't lift them? If that made sense?

ticeygirl says:

Yes. It was very helpful. I was very intimidated with that side of the gym. Thank you 😊

Winta M says:

Thank you! This is so much helpful for us beginners 😊

CocoDawn1 says:


__Mrs. Doubtfire says:

Can you just come to the gym with me? lol I'm nervous about going…
Thanks so much for the video 🙂

boogie googie says:

SUUUUUPER HELPFUL! thank you!!!!

feli V says:

Is it bad to do full body workouts every day?

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