Complete ARM WORKOUT | Blast Fat & Add Muscle

Complete ARM WORKOUT | Blast Fat & Add Muscle

Welcome back babes! This workout is for my girls that love to hit biceps and triceps together – 3 supersets plus a killer burn out to assist in burning arm fat and adding muscle. GO GET IT GIRL! xo

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Top & Bottom: Lululemon (Flow & Go pants)

Kylie Cosmetics 22 liquid lipstick with Jouer Skinny Dip lip topper



♡Cellucor C4 pre-workout

♡PEScience High Volume pre-workout

♡Xtend BCAA's


♡Muscle Milk 100% Whey Protein

♡Beverly International Protein



♡ Wireless Headphones:

♡ Skillz Resistance Bands:

♡ Kodiak Protein Pancakes

♡ Kodiak Protein Pancakes – DARK CHOCOLATE

♡ Food Scale:

♡ Premier Protein

♡ Camera I use:



Superset 1 | 3 sets total
15 horizontal cable tricep extensions
15 lateral cable tricep extensions

Superset 2 | 3 sets total
15 squatting isolated cable bicep curl (with rope)
15 single-arm cable bicep curl

Superset 3 | 3 sets total
12 standing bicep curl with plate
15 overhead tricep extension with plate

Optional: BURN OUT | 3 sets
10 tricep (military) push-ups



Sarah Zamir says:

I followed this exercise today and it’s awesome 👏love it 💪 arms thanks whittney love 💕 you

Nicole Fey says:

I just did this arm workout and it's very good. My arms are dead!

Jorden Shore TnT says:

gurrll you funny and strong ! solid

Abilko says:

I srsly looooove your workouts

Annabelle Leili says:

u a real mvp for putting it in the description too ty

Abby Leung says:

that guy in the bacground cute

cheerleaderMelanie says:

First off triceps push ups hurt and they are hard

Datisausum says:

Bruh I can’t do a single push-up

Snork Town says:

You’re such a likable person

Nicole Siebels says:

I literally never work out my arms and I could only get through half of it because my arms were shaking so bad, with the horizontal pulls I couldn't do a full extension and that was with just 5 pounds. It hurt like hell am I doing it right, or do I just need to keep doing it until I get there?

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