Welcome again babes! Women want robust, attractive and constructed shoulders to finish a physique. Weight lifting shoulders is my favourite exercise to hit onerous within the fitness center. I hope you enoy, xo.

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WARM UP | 2 units of 15 reps
Lateral to entrance increase complicated

TRI SET | three units
20 entrance increase from parallel
10 around the globe
eight steering wheels

TRI SET | three units
10 reverse grip lateral raises
10 lateral traises
10 y-press (focus motion on rear delts)

SUPERSET | four units
10 shoulder presses
12 reverse grip barbell entrance increase



The Expertise says:

@Whitney Simmons- Can u please also tell which exercise helps which specific muscle fibre..

Keknegen kai says:

I am happy to find a girl that loves growing shoulders. I have a weak upper body and started push ups and even though my shoulders burn I really enjoy it. My best friends thinks that girls with muscular arms are manly and that's why she doesn't want to do any shoulder exercises because she thinks girls should be petite and I am like "girl just let me build my shoulders and show you different"

Joanne M says:

Do you change your shoulder workouts each week? Or do you stick to the same routine for a few weeks and then switch?

Sarah Dillon says:

I love your workout but please, do these exercises make your boobs smaller by working your chest out at the same time as your shoulders ! My boobs are already small enough and I don't need them to disappear. ..

Sandra Mendoza Hernandez says:

Thank you so much beautiful girl I am going to take your shoulder workout to the gym and hit it it is my favorite as well

MeganFex says:

Absolutely love your videos!

Monter Gum says:

When I will see the results?

Zice Isaac says:

U dont have sexy shoulders, why r u making a video to grow sexy shoulders when yours look pathetic. Quit payin for views

Jensen Kurmel says:

Are there any variations for the reverse grip lateral raises for a gym that doesn't have any barbells!? Love your videos!!

zl says:

Hello Whitney! I love your videos! I just have a question, for girls just start going to gym/doing workout, then whats the weight of the equipment you would suggest in each of these exercise? becasue I saw you sometimes use 20lb weight, but how about i can't lift that much weight for 3sets?

Victoria Z. says:

Unbelievable, but…my gym doesn`t have such a barbell (It is a small gym in Japan ). What would you recommend to use instead?

Gloria Lee says:

Will this help me get smaller and narrower shoulders?

Lisa Rubio says:

Slow down show exactly what we should do.

Grace Nunez says:

Please keep posting videos. I am getting back into the gym after taking a good amount of time off. I was about to hire a trainer, but when I ACCIDENTALLY, came across your videos, I changed my mind about the trainer and now I am following you! I love love your videos. I love how you give demonstrations for all body parts. You seriously got me motivated. I take you to the gym with me! Please please keep posting. Love you meal prep videos also. Your so real. I liked your initial on how you got started and love seeing how far you have come! I'm using your shoulder work out tonight. And…. I love how you break down what body (2) body parts you work each day. That has been extremely helpful! Thank you so much for your motivation!

BadAss Diva says:

I love your positive attitude LOL You are awesome!!

Raghad Sabbagh says:

I love the way you workout
You give me hell of energy 😂❤️ thanks for posting your workouts

Already subscribed, you deserved a huge like 🔥❤️💋

Shrita says:

Hey Whitney. You're bomb all right??? Anyway wanted to know if you could do a video about vegan protein sources since I'm having a hard time hitting my protein goals, with my carbs always being 70-80g over my goals.

Xeuane Khammany says:

I love all your workout videos! You're basically my YouTube personal trainer. My shoulders were burning..

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