At-Home Back Workout for Women | We’re bringing sexy again!

At-Home Back Workout for Women | We’re bringing sexy again!


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Listed here are a number of the prime again workouts for ladies that you are able to do at house with minimal gear. Should you wouldn't have a weight, you need to use a water bottle or something you discover! Go forward and provides it a attempt, and let me know what you assume within the feedback under.

Dumbells –

Sports activities Bra:
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Adrienne Leslie says:

Superman. Up exhale. Down inhale.

Adrienne Leslie says:

I usually like the outfits you wear but this one, the marble isn't a good one. You deserve a better outfit. In general marble is good but not this design.

Adrienne Leslie says:

Thank you Vicky 💋❤

Nesh says:

Thank u for posting. Done 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

volce wagen says:

So much talking 🙄 just get to the point

Letzen Collazo says:

@Vicky J. Do you have other back work out videos ??

Shahlaa Abdalla says:

amma start doing that today

jessica says:

Workout starts @2:40

Yasmine Toeava says:

Isnt the 2nd workout for arms ?

chariots8x says:

Will this be effective if my upper back looks bony? Will building muscle make it look less bony and better in appearance?

Kyle Roden says:

Discovered Rx bars before this video but tried the fruity ones via your advice. These bars helped me lose so much weight and are my FAVE. H I G H L Y recommend!!!

Esin Bayram says:

10 saattir konuşuyorsun bi susta spor yapalım

Susana Cruz says:

The video is unnecessarily long

Kwameduah says:

free advanced fitness vids on my utube make sure you have a look.

Mariah Jacobo says:

Hey Vicki, noticed you said you’re obsessed with marbel, if you look up “doyoueven” fitness clothing they have marbel leggings that are to diee for! soo cute ! And Love the work outs, you changed my life ! thanks !! 💖💖

Angie Santos says:

Can I use my big ass pillow ??

BeatBoxer 395 says:

4:02 the workout starts

Angela Wilson says:

20 deadlifts with weights
20 each side single arm dumbbell rows
3 sets of 5- reverse snow angel
12 reps- superman (exhale up, & inhale going down)

Brainey De Dios says:

exercise starts at 4:00
thank me later

Christiana Brown says:

Finally found a video like this

Vasso Vassiliou says:

Υου talk too much in intro!!!!

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