7 Exercises to GROW Your Boobs | Chest Workout For Women

7 Exercises to GROW Your Boobs | Chest Workout For Women


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Muscle activation article: https://www.t-nation.com/coaching/inside-the-muscle mass-greatest-chest-and-triceps-workouts

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WHATS UP WHATS UP #TFNFAM!! At the moment I am displaying you ways to sculpt your chest muscle tissue to raise and develop your boobs.

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bbgsalma says:

Just add rose water daily before sleep on them it'd grow through night

Christina Gomez says:


Enigma says:

Im i the only guy here lol? By the way you are gorgeous! your beauty made me smile .

hina shahid says:

some buddy tell me sleeping or taking bath after exercises is safe or not

Leslie H. says:

0:17 why i have trust issues

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LpsCornyBiscut Productions says:

“Less boob to go around” 😂 I’m crying

LpsCornyBiscut Productions says:

Plz help mw

Memeikyu says:

A cup squad :>

hina shahid says:

what is better to do after exercise
having a sleep or
taking bat

Abigail Walker says:

ah, bless your soul i watch these because im insecure and im in a underwire bra and im still on the border of highschool and middle and im not sure lol you answered alll of my questions! this is a very UgHMm topic to talk about

Elle says:

lololololololol. Where can I find the scientific data for this?

Prajanya Bhat says:

What is your boob size? Don't mind me asking

Mrs. Kay says:

I like you but I’m unsubscribing because of your immodesty. You have a beautiful body but it should be reserved for your husband/future husband.

BettyTheGamer says:

Im in 4th and my Brest are at 6th grade

Komal Kapoor says:

wow what a waste of time lol

Abby Leung says:

if this actually works she wouldnt have goten a boob job later on

Lii 05 says:

I have such a flat chest.. it really makes me insecure

ocachisu says:

Yes! Chick peas are high in estrogen so eat that! Rice however promotes testosterone ..great for exercise 🙂

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