5 MUST DO BACK EXERCISES | Honestly the best!

5 MUST DO BACK EXERCISES |  Honestly the best!

Hey Lovely people

These are the best 5 exercise you must do on back day! Focus on contraction and please focus on FORM not lifting heavy!!!!

I hope you liked this video if you did would you like another video?



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Radeno 33 says:

Everything is worth to try it.
Go for it

chariots8x says:

Where did you get those leggings? Can you provide a link to where we can buy those specific leggings?

Tatooine Legrand says:

Muy bonita.

Shania Euni says:

Shut up and work out💩💩

Kame Kakess says:

Her form is.. perfection 😩👌🏽

Sapient Existence says:

Love this workout and your voice is so lovely. Very relaxing to listen to. Glad I just ran across your channel.

Nikki Bulger says:

Wow you are a goddess

Chloé Sammie says:

I like u with dark hair.

Libby zoltani says:

What is that powder stuff????

Esther Escudero says:

The exercices are great!! but how many reps and sets do you do on each of them?

rawshan malhis says:

Thankyou thankyou thankyou for all the details

Justyna says:

Is she Polish or Russian?

Ciara Ali says:

She has beautiful back definition

sara54501 says:

I love those leggings! What brand?

Milan Vuletic says:

what a beautiful ass

ohamberboo says:

Best back day I’ve had in a long time! Your tips are soooo helpful. I was feeling my back, and I haven’t in quite a while. 😍

Neptune Area 7E says:

Come to San Diego ca. $$$

Zumer Kadri says:

just adore the way you talk ….thanks

cris sanchez says:

those working back give you better posture ?

Marshmellow 88 says:

Thanks for doing alternative esp at home ones! 🙂

Malin Jensen says:

Awesome videos! I've been following your instagram for a while, but today is the first time i watch your vidoes and you're gorgeous! Plus it's hilarious that you guys always drive around with furniture, wood etc… guess you're busy getting your house done! Hah! High five Krissy and thanks for awesome tips // Love from Sweden

Jess Gonzalez says:

On the lat pull down it’s scientifically proven if you do lean back you activate the lats more it might seem like cheating but it’s true

Zara Saleem says:

Love!! Your body is absolute goals 😍 love how much I learn from you xx

MariaDelism says:

Is your back even real?? I'm dying rn

Cindy Vic says:

Most of the time I struggle with knowing how much to eat… I can lift super heavy with great form. Working out is not the issue it’s learning food to lean out for my body.

Passionmua says:

Your work outs are so similar from someone YOU are friends with. And you pposture some exact thing and routine at the same time. Hmm. Running out of ideas? Loser

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