32 Minute Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment – Calorie Blasting Cardio Training

32 Minute Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment – Calorie Blasting Cardio Training

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Tyler Vaughan McQuade says:

Best @ Home Booty Workout | 10 Minutes

Try it out!


Maryama says:

when you had mascara on, and sweat through your eyes and it goes everywhere.
u cant focus on the last part

Amanda Taylor says:

Great workout. Thank you.

Peti Cavalcanti says:

I think I have never been so tired in my intire life! I hope It was worth it

Piraye Ozanoglu says:

I dont know who you are but thank you so much from Turkey 🙂

Tiny Sara bean says:

I can do this every day right?

Ms Cookie says:

Hey guys👼 gonna do this for 6 weeks and i try to do this every day. If you`re interested in my results, just text💎

ten october says:

I did it! 23.01.2018

Alma Flores says:

wow her body really inspires lol, so beautiful great vid

Gain Genetics says:

Great channel keep it up!!

Josh Garza says:

Love this workout! I am a guy who lifts weights regularly and even to me this is very challenging! However, it is also enjoying. Right now I am in the process of moving and I cancelled my gym membership and I also have no weights or equipment in my apartment so this is very useful and convenient for me! Gets the job done. I will recommend it to many others! Thank you!

Emilie Fontaine says:

Great session!! Did it multiple times and sweating a lot, I am slower than her of course, but the point is to do it all 🙂

Hal Stewart says:

Great workout thank you

Grace Jorgensen says:

I did only 17 minutes, it´s my first day and is really hard, I will continue for tomorrow. I need a healty life style not fast results. Thanks for this video. Greetings from Jalisco, México!

Stephanie Veronica says:

great video!!! i watched youtube videos all the time and i was very inspired to start my own fitness channel 🙂

yvonne yvonne says:

thank you for this!


been doing this workout for 2 months and i lost 4 kilos! thank you <3

Rejyn Seldura says:

Did this workout today. Super thanks to this video 😊

Zorniges Einhorn says:

I'm so glad, I did it till the end!
Greets from germany

Benedicte sings covers says:

I LOVE THIS WORKOUT!<3 Thank you for sharing this! Like i only feel like i want to do mor like 20 minnutes after this! it gives me so much energy! And i really feel good at School even tho its a long day with 2 hours of gym 😉 I feel amazing and i really hope that this workout help`s me loose some weight. I´m gonna keep fighting and so should you! You only live ones and your body is your life device, sooo keep it healthy! And maby you see some change in your body!

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