15 Minute Fat Burning HIIT Workout with No Equipment | Full Body at HOME or GYM

15 Minute Fat Burning HIIT Workout with No Equipment | Full Body at HOME or GYM

A no equipment, super sweaty HIIT workout you can do anywhere and follow-along easily 🙏 For 40 unique HIIT workouts, or any of my training and nutrition guides approved by a world-leading nutrition expert, go to www.natachaoceane.com ❤️

The 15 minute HIIT workout: each exercise is performed for 30s and followed by 30s rest. It’s a circuit, so we complete Move 1, Move 2, Move 3, Move 4, Move 5 and then repeat.

1. Pivot squats
2. Opposite toe touches
3. Jack to narrow jump
4. Down dog to kick back
5. Kneel to squat with knee drive


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Natacha Océane says:

I've just uploaded a brand new 15 minute HIIT workout in the exact same format but with new moves on my channel if you want some more! 😍🔥

molly says:

oh my god i love u natacha océane and then i hear the weeknd. this might be the easiest workout to follow for me because i love the music choice😂😂

kitty cat says:

i feel like 30 seconds between each excercise is a little long……..idk like maybe 2 or 3 exercises then a break?

Luci Blogs says:

These videos rock!! Please post more like this!! Could you do one that’s more Arms and abbs?

Mariuuuk says:

Day 1✅: 4 sets

Ashlee Morgan says:

Best HIIT workouts on youtube! Thankyou so much for taking the time to make these vids!

Xoxo Audrey & Mimi says:

Ive been doing this workout for one week now. Thanks for this work out i lost some weight combined with diet 🙂

concordeon says:

First round: these breaks are too long.
Last round: Fuuuuuuugh

Sun S says:

Amazing workout!! It was not too easy or too hard, but i’m definetly sweating. *trying to Get in shape during quarantine*❤️❤️ love you!

soliferi says:

finally made it through all 3, did yoga before so i was focused on breathing properly probably helped a lot

RANDOMZ _Zay says:

Anyone else here to glow up for after Quarantine or to look god for high school after lockdown

Nicky says:

is it psycho of me to feel better about my self if she’s also kinda out of breath?

Chloe Road says:

Does anyone know roughly how many calories are burnt here? Too poor for an Apple Watch 😂

Sharanya Kv says:

thank u…burningggg

val rs says:

Who else is here because of quarantine?

Najam 9000 says:

I'm surprised i lasted the 3 rounds in frist go given I'm in really bad shape.
How much calories did this burn?

Nino Adan says:

Tbh this workout is not too bad for me so I add weight to the training & my heart rate just shoot to the roof 😂 (the one where you wore a black outfit is quite a killer)

pame says:

poor me underestimating this workout …

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