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Did I #stretch after your #workout today!! I hope u did!! Great for blood flow to #muscles and helps with #recovery!! Get your #stretch on!!! #fitmom#stayflexible #staybalanced #stayfocused #fitness#fitlife#poolside#relax#livethelifestyle #stertch#strap#femalefitness #femaleflexibility#fitfam#fitspo#muscle#mind #femalemotivation

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U Rock 🙂 is a motivational fitness project with the aim of inform and motivate all those individuals willing to improve their body. Through fitness videos from the main Brazilian and international fitness influencers, we give better exposure not only to the very collaborators themselves showing their daily workout routines but also to the good and healthy lifestyle.

The FIT videos edition is done focusing on passing along a fine energy from the most selected free royalties music of the market. This is how our million subscribers give us a super feedback due to both the good videographic material posted and the musical background used.

The fitness Channel “Como Treinar” also offers a playlists choice properly divided by subject and FIT influencers to be able to be used during the workout as an extra stamina method.

We advice you to use, comment and share the following playlists to get a better performance during the trainings:

► Female Fitness Motivation:
► Glute Building:
► Gracyanne Barbosa:
► Vivi Winkler:
► Indian Fitness:
► Sonia Isaza:
► Yoga & Flexibility:

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★ Tobu:
★ NCS:
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Don't miss out the importance of stretching before and after the workout so your joints get healthier and the gains maximize:

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If a woman wears "scrunch butt" pants at the gym or anywhere she can not get offended if peeps look at that amazing booty.

Thinkin Outsidethebox says:

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mrdaflyguy says:

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Robert Smith says:

Need to do stretch in just panties and bra

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I have not seen you in a while, how wonderful. beautiful.

Cráneo Skull says:

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El viejito se cansó de ver ese mujeron tan rico y soltó la soga y se largo

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All women should wear pink skin tights

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