75 Fitness “sexy & toned glutes” workout #sexy #glutes #bootytoningworkout

75 Fitness “sexy & toned glutes” workout #sexy #glutes #bootytoningworkout

This is a glute, butt, rearend ….whatever you call it…kick ass workout!🍑 I will take you through 5 compound , body weight moves that WILL tighten, tone and make your booty sexy! 1 minute work then 25 seconds active rest. The active rest will be left and right leg reverse pulses.
Move 1 Jump Squat in & outs
Move 2 side lunge into squat into jump squat (L,R)
Move 3 squat into alt curtsy lunges
Move 4 single leg deadlift into reverse lunge (L,R)
Move 5 plank jacks
I go with you through this set 1 cycle, BUT, try to do this at least 2 or3 times at home!
Have a beautiful day!

Disclaimer: workout at your own risk!



DB Fitness says:

Hey amazing workout, I really enjoyed it. Just subscribed to you, and it would mean everything to me if you could drop me a quick sub too 🙂 Excited for your next vid 😉

AJ Faith & Fitness says:

Another awesome workout! Thanks for sharing 👊🏻👊🏻

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