Self-Defense Takedowns

Self-Defense Takedowns

Self-Defense Takedowns: In this video we are going to explore taking a subject’s balance and how to take them to the ground. This is also known as a takedown. In a fight it may become necessary to takedown a person to the ground to gain control of them. Takedowns and control holds are very common in law enforcement actions or when you are tasked with providing protection type services.

The first thing we need to learn is how the body works and how to direct a person’s body into a position that will allow us to take their balance. We need to learn how we can use a subject’s balance and position to our benefit. We want to learn how to manipulate their balance so we can easily control them and perform a takedown.

There are a lot of areas to explore and study on the topic of takedowns. This video is just a starting point. It can take a very long time to learn how to manipulate a person’s body into a position where you can easily control them.

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