Self Defense: Active Attacker | Knife vs Gun | Tactical Rifleman

Self Defense: Active Attacker | Knife vs Gun | Tactical Rifleman

To all our aspiring CAPABLE CITIZENS out there, we hope we gave you some food for thought. I (Zee) have trained many security personnel that were not permitted to have a gun for one reason or another. With their access to tools being limited, we worked on using makeshift weapons that our environment provided for us. Also, we worked on several hand to hand principles and techniques to use in those critical moments against an active killer. Beyond all of that, we need to know when to attack and when to get away, the situation will dictate what we do and we will need to act quickly. Think critically about these situations that you might face. Think about worst case scenarios and most likely scenarios. Consider what we are saying and get some good training so that you can be capable. My goal is for you to realize that there is much to consider in a life threatening situation and hopefully realize your limitations relative to your training so that you address them.
Fear comes from UNCERTAINTY. If you are frozen with fear, how will you perform? Let’s become confident that we can do what needs to be done in the face of a killer so that we can truly be that hero that our loved ones will expect when the shit hits the fan.
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