MMA Fighters Try Women’s Self-Defense: episode #10 Wrist Control!

MMA Fighters Try Women’s Self-Defense: episode #10 Wrist Control!

The coach is having trouble defending himself from the women in his MMA classes, so he consults the internet to learn more about women’s self-defense techniques (that means defending yourself from women, right?)

This research has lead coach Ramsey to find the self-defense experts at Pure Motion Fitness who teach their own brand of martial arts techniques that at first glance seem to be a shallow mockery of poorly performed aikido. However, in an effort to be less judgmental of other styles and “masters”, Ramsey decides to give them a chance and try out the techniques against real live humans. Will Ramsey be able to stop Karen’s deadly wrist control this time around? Or will he have to hit the weights first and work his biceps first?

Featuring female jiu-jitsu prodigy Karen, controversial podcast guest Ned as “Curl Bro”, and a cameo from Jourdan Chow doing what he does best.



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