Dealing With Two Attackers BJJ Self Defense

Dealing With Two Attackers BJJ Self Defense

So I got asked on my Facebook page how to defend yourself using jiujitsu against two people. He stated “Chad people say jiujitsu is useless when going against multiple people is this true and any tips on how to defend myself if this ever happens. I don’t train any boxing or standup. Thanks!

I believe you can defend yourself against multiple people if you have been training long enough. First off hopefully you never get in a situation like this because it’s stupid and you probably messed up. If you can the best option is to always run. Who looks worse the guy running from people jumping him or multiple people hanging up on one guy because they can’t fight.

Next I would recommend taking some striking classes if you are looking for self defense you will need a mixture of both. Jiujitsu is powerful but you need to expand your tool set. Here is a way you can use your jiujitsu in a self defense situation. Always remember when fighting two people cut the angle and put one in front of the other. This gives you the opportunity to do the technique I have shown or to keep striking if you choose. Also always be aware of your surrounding.


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