The Smith Machine is GARBAGE!

The Smith Machine is GARBAGE!
The Smith Machine is GARBAGE!
TV Trainer & Mr America John Heart breaks down the exact reasons why he does not use the Smith Machine for any chest, shoulder or quadriceps exercises.
Bench press, incline press, overhead press, squats, and front squats are all made more dangerous when using a Smith machine rather than free weights like barbells & dumbbells
Beginners in bodybuilding & fitness especially need to avoid the Smith in order to keep all accessory muscles like the rotator cuff strong and healthy.

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Savant says:

Not all smith machines are garbage. There are some smith machines that are not perpendicular to the plane of motion, which allows like you say to raise and lower the weight at a slight angle.

salvador salinas says:

I forgot to mention that those low carb diets and keto diets for bodybuilding naturally is like swimming and never finding land but when I switched 3 months ago to the high carb diet WOW I found my paradise land 🙂 I think with low carbs I shutdown my anabolic hormones and same with training. Training less HIT style and resting is mind blowing I just wanted to share thank you

salvador salinas says:

I want share with you that that I found out the truth, mike mentzer was RIGHT !!! 5 years training naturally always looked the same I could not loose fat and gain muscle 🙁 . 3 months ago I adjusted my diet to 1850 calories 60% carbs 25% protein 15% fat I started training with HIT short workouts 15 minutes basically in and out my muscles get shocked I drive back home mind bubbling body shaking and numb 3x a week no cardio at all I realize my body was under stress when I was working out every day for hours multiple exercises and doing cardio I was on a catabolic state aka on a cortisol hormone under stressing my body my anabolic hormones aka test were super low they shutdown. I started shutting down my stress hormones by exercising less eating high carb while being in a calorie deficit and quit drinking coffee instead I decaf drink green tea before a workout I’m calm but with mind power and energy and quit any type of stressing factors and WOW! Is MAGICAL!!!All the sudden I’m became an anabolic machine my muscle are growing I could see the vascularity, body fat dropping I went from 165 skinny fat @ 5’6 tall to 170 my waist went from 31 to currently 29 inches my arms went from 14 to 16 1/2 inches in 3 months!!! I feel like a real men now. Steve Reeves said if men does not have naturally the right hormones to build muscle he should rather be playing pin pong. Guess what I found out the truth about fitness is all about bringing those anabolic hormones up. I’ll be ready to compete in 2019 . Thanks to mike mentzer philosophy and thanks for your channel I subscribe and I learned from you trough Rics Drasin channel.

jweber544 / Hanuman says:

Hi John wanted to share this with you I finally hit that 4 plate deadlift 🙂

ron sylvia says:

They need to make these illegal their dangerous, forces your body out of alignment watched a guy at the gym trying to do deadlifts with the machine nightmarish,free weights only

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