Smith Machine Workout at Planet Fitness



hier had uw advertentie kunnen staan says:

That's not a front squat


Thanks had fun making this with her…

Charlie Life Fitness says:

That video was awesome 🙂 ! Working out my legs is my favorite thing to to work out in the gym! My legs legit hurt after watching that haha. Also, we both are making fitness videos and i'm basically in the same path as you and i want to tell you to never give up! U just earned yourself a sub lol. Anyways, Good job just keep going and remember CONSISTENCY is KEY ! Us small channels gotta support each other to help us grow! If u want to you can check out my fitness you tube channel and look at my videos and subscribe if u like , i'd appreciate it a lot! Tons of respect! Lets get our channels to grow !

EverFlexx says:

Great work!💪🏻

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