Smith Machine Bent-over Rows – Mutant In A Minute w/Trevor Koot



Aidan Fleming says:

I'll squat the balls of everything now in a minute.

Bigpops says:

Good deal

Brad G says:

Cool idea. It's like a deadlift to a Yates row.

Erick Pacheco says:

Funny ass ending

Luis Lorenzi says:

I hate Mutant In A Minute -,- you should do like Mutant In An Hour

Smally Bells says:

Wouldn't your traps be doing a lot of the work if you don't stay bent over?

Throttle says:

Bent-over rows ? You mean a type of Yates row?

TheNomisRh says:

I don't think that this is the optimal way to do a bend over row. Look at the range of motion at the elbows. 

Tomasz Tyka says:

Looks like something to try but also looks like it would work hamstrings.

William Hägglund says:

this looks really bad, cant understand how u even can get a pump with that motion

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