Smith Machine Bench Press Vs. Regular Flat Bench Press to Build Muscle @hodgetwins

Smith Machine Bench Press Vs. Regular Flat Bench Press to Build Muscle @hodgetwins


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mark murk says:

This sounds dumb af TRUST me smith is way harder to do with free weights , smith keeps you locked in if u look at REAL bodybuilders like dexter Jackson he will tell u way safer on ur body

Jay Banner says:

That's why my shoulder is always fucked after bench. Fuck smith. Thx u

Omarr Abdullah says:

I see big Rami using the smith 5 plates

Mateo Gamez says:

no wonder why flat bench is harder for me
i bench 185 on the smith machine today i tried to bench 155 in flat bench
that motherfucker fell down
i have the strenght but i need to get use to the flat bench
it was my first time benching in a flat bench


I wouldn't even recommend squats for smith machine that shit will fuck your back up ūüė¨

UnneededChaos561 _ says:

Places like planet fitness have smith machines because technically they're not gyms, theyre fitness clubs. Its in the fine print. A place like gold's gym will have a free bench cause its an actual gym.

Gainzville says:

How much does just the bar weigh on the smith machine? I know the regular flat bench bar is 45.

eltyshaun says:

I've always use the Smith machine, better stability, regular bench will have you benching unevenly, especially when you go heavy.

OnePlus 3T says:

Thank you for your advice. Personally i think every one should try themself witch of the machines fits them more.

david alicea says:

Not saying you guys are liars but i never feel the smith on my shoulders

Jeffrey Perez says:

have these dudes moved out of moms house yet

Nicholas Mayfield says:

The only reason I use a smith machine is because I can unrack the weight. It's just a problem I have for some reason

666ofdoom says:

You guys are right I noticed when I went to barbell from Smith machine, but squats and shrugs are better on Smith machine

Moha H says:

I been using the Smith machine a few weeks now. I prefer me some variation

T J says:

Thanks so much i really needed that info u save me from a waste of time i feel so bad that I been using the smith machine on bench but i guess fortunately I was using dumbbells for chest workout to @hodgetwins

Dave McCarty says:

Unfortunitatly the gym I go to only has Smith Machines. They do have variety of barbells, but no rack suitable for benching. So I guess I can make do with dumbbells?

MR_BUFF_GUY 619 says:

I've had bad rotator cuffs so I started using the smith machine on my chest days and I have to say its less pain full on shoulders .When I go on the regular flat bench my shoulders were hurting .I'm getting stronger agin since I've been using the smith machine .

The 9/11 Attacks - 'Tuesday Morning in September' A Story says:

I'm going to contradict just about all you have said about using the Smith Machine for bench press.  If you set up facing towards the back, instead of the front of the Smith Machine.. the trajectory is a slight decline.. certain not straight up and down..  I have been a candidate for shoulder surgery for many years.. however; working on the Smith has enabled me to keep training.. that and the decline bench.  Using the decline every other week, or more.. will keep your stabilizing muscles strong and ready to react.. Using a stepper platform in the Smith, you can adjust the height of the bench.. This is especially good for anyone who has herniated discs.. and or has had spinal fusions.. Since you can set up at a lower height than a conventional bench. .you'll be able to utilize more leg drive, if you want.. Working with the Smith and decline.. will enable you to hit the flat bench more often.. for much higher weight.. if you have shoulder challenges.. The Smith Machine kicks ass.. and most people I know cannot do as much weight on it, as they can on a flat bench.. because they incorporate a lot more of their body to do the weight on the regular flat bench.. My personal bests on both.. are elite scale.. and so is my flat bench whenever I am pressed to get on it to shut a mouth yapping about how the flat bench is such a superior test of strength.. Pain shuts us down.. if you can do an exercise; like flat bench Smith, without pain.. you'll continue to improve.. Done correctly.. the Smith will not give you any injuries.. it is when you are overloading on the flat bench squirming around. .that the weight finds a weakness.. and injury follows..  The fucking flat bench is stupid.. ego driven BS.. I continue to get stronger while a stubborn partner of mine can only watch now the weight I'm doing..  Using the Smith as part of your plan.. will enable you to have new gains.. and LESS pains..  That's my 15 minute contribution.. Thank you for the cool videos, keep them coming.. 

nixrate says:

Every fitness person has their 2c it seems. I can probably agree the unnatural movement of the smith machine is not great for the shoulders i have heard this many times before. Dumbbells being better than barbell i think is an opinion. Kicking heavy dumbbells up is really quite terrible for your shoulders and i think your counteract any shoulder benefits it had. You can use a spotter i guess but not all of us have access to such. I prefer to use safety rails and proper bench press technique. My chest became very stagnant on dumbbells and improved massively in converting to bench.

MA63 says:

Jay Cutler benches on the Smith Machine. You're not Mr. Olympia!

Mohammed Hussain says:

but a what …. ?!

middleofmars says:

Truth. Once I started back working out, the 10 dollar a month membership was what I could afford at Planet fitness. Started benching on the smith machine, feeling the consequences. Had to lay off the shoulder for about 3 weeks.

George Apostolopoulos says:

Damn Kevin looks like a pedophile with that mustache

Audori Gomez says:

I use the smith machine after i do dumbbell press, to burn off anything left in the chest. the smith machine does a good job targeting the chest. If you have weak stabilizers you should be dumbbell pressing anyways not barbell pressing.

tom brink says:

I personally like both but you can do whatever the ffff f*** you want

Luis Montana says:

This is kinda true because at planet fitness I use to bench press on a smith machine and then I went on a regular bench press and that shit went all over the place! I couldn't get 1 rep done

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