Planet Fitness Smith Machine Workout you can do

Planet Fitness Smith Machine Workout you can do

If you go to Planet fitness try out these different exercise using only a smith machine. A full body workout.


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Scott Hall says:

In all honesty pf is a ok place workout for a beginner or intermediate. If your on budget and just want get into better shape it will get the job done.

Antonio Ric says:

Terrible form. Easy way to get hurt

MikeeB28 says:

Jack LaLanne was a big proponent of the Smith Machine.  Jack lived to be 96.  People crapping on the Smith are crazy.  I mainly do barbell only exercises, but I utilize a Smith for a change of pace.  I might do Smith Incline Bench and then flat barbell bench or vice versa.

Cat Blackman says:

Thank you for this…this machine can be quite intimidating and now I know how to tackle it .

alien spore says:

Nice. On squats.. Bring your feet more forward. When you go down your knees should not go passed your toes. Keep em coming

Electronic Surveillance says:

People say you shouldn't squat using the Smith Machine but it seems to me that the Smith Machine helps you keep correct posture when squatting.

Daniel Spencer says:

Nice movements on the one machine! Love the outro too bro, so true!!

Tonys Pure Fitness says:

cuz you look leaner man and just fit altogether. Remember you talked about that elliptical challenge…. I'm bout to show love tomorrow I recorded it. I'm always late fam but I remember you showing me love on that intro hope u doing well.

Aj Fit says:

What's up great video lets subscribe to each other!

Shay-lonFitnessWonderWoman Moss says:

Oh wow! do you workout at planet fitness often? I got there because it is one of the main gyms in my town, and I use the smith machine often there because mine doesn't offer free weight barbells? Also, out of the 10k subs, you remain coming to my channel, It amazes me honestly, just amazes me.

Fitness Assassin says:

That was a smith machine take over I like it a lot

Fitness Assassin says:

Shouted you out in my last video man

Damian Dunlap says:

Great video, you looking mighty swole cuzz

Cornerstone Conservative says:

Great video buddy. The smith machine is a pretty useful machine.

Fitness253 says:

good to see you back in the gym! smith machines are very utilized!

Felton Fitness says:

Simple n effective!

BullSweet Fitness says:


Bodybuilding&JDM Car Build says:

you killed that shit

Ecto Training says:

great video bro thumbs up from me

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