Planet Fitness- How To Do Squats On The Smith Machine




Don't forget the wooden platform for perfect height.

Chris McClain says:

planet fitness needs the smith machines that allow for the guided forward and backward movement as well as up and down. These PF smith machines always give me knee pain, i'm going to try facing the opposite direction, than what's shown in this video, and see if that helps.

Erin Fischer says:

I’ve had absolutely no idea how to use this thing and have been avoiding it like the plague because I felt so dumb like “oh it’s a squat rack, I should know what I’m doing.” But it looks so complicated from afar. Thanks for the explanation! I’m going to use it in my workout today!

Glo100 shine says:

thank you so much!
I've been wanting to know how to use the Smith machine

Michelle Ramirez says:

Would it be so heavy for me? I am 160 pounds and I’m weak I’m scared I’ll try this and I’ll break my back or something lol

Christian Orano says:

Hey man, thanks for the vid. You got a really good personality keep making videos!!

Selena M says:

OMG! Thanks so much for making these videos at planet fitness for those who are beginners at exercising, keep it up because i really want to learn to get fit, thanks👍

toorpat 1 says:

i can't get over how bad those tats are

Brandon Music says:

Thanks for pointing out the safety stops!

pizzagirl says:

I don’t get where I’m messing. I’m obviously doing something wrong because my knees kind of hurt when I do this. I feel like when I stand too forward on the smith machine, I feel like I’m off-balance in a sense and it just feels weird doing the squat😫

Preston Braddy says:

thanks for the help!

Andre Havard says:

I'm 6'7" and found that facing outward facing the gym was more comfortable then inward facing the mirror .

It's kinda weird but it works for my body size.

Silver Phoenix says:

Thank you for this video! My partner and I just got into a argument because they told me to just "figure it out, that's what men do…" now I know what to do

Hampton Bucklew says:

Thanks for responding!

AffieKnows says:

I’m soooo happy I found this vid!! I’ve been so intimidated by this equipment

Rob Miller says:

Fuck planet fitness

Hampton Bucklew says:

Dude I'm on oxygen are you permitted to bring oxygen in the gym?

foday S says:

What if you face the other way?
I see some people at the gym doing it the other way.
Which way is the right way to face, is there a wrong way to face as you do the squat?

Michael Nardoni says:

I've heard/read many guys say negatives about using the Smith machine, Here is my perspective on the Smith machine.
If you are into bodyBuilding, The Smith machine is very valuable, That being said if you are into Powerlifting than the Smith machine will not be a Big interest to you.
This is just my opinion, But at least it makes more sense than just spewing negatives without giving a rational perspective on the Smith machine.

Xezbeth says:

Terrible guide, to do a proper squat should be going as far down as possible depending if your joints are good than Ass to grass my friends.

ninjaraph says:

Thank you! This is exactly what i needed to see. Really wanted to start using this machine but wasnt sure how.

TheGoogler77 says:

When I used that machine for the first time in years, I felt knee pain. Needless to say I stopped using that machine.

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