Multi-Functional Smith + Bench Exercise Video | Reeplex SM6000 | Dynamo Fitness Equipment

Multi-Functional Smith + Bench Exercise Video | Reeplex SM6000 | Dynamo Fitness Equipment

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The Reeplex SM6000 smith machine is a unique multi-functional home trainer. It combines a smith machine, Peck deck, dual cable crossover, FID adjustable bench and squat rack all in one compact design. This machine also comes fully loaded with 10 quality attachments.

Key Benefits

– Fixed barbell with linear bearing enables you to concentrate on pressing or squatting allowing you to lift heavier loads

– Unlike free weights, you can rack the barbell on a smith machine at any stage in a movement allowing you to push to failure in every workout

– Cable crossover, low row pulley and peck deck incorporated into this machine to target every muscle in your body

– FID adjustable weight bench that has been designed to work with your smith machine for a range of pressing exercises

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James Thompson says:

Everything but a dip station. Other than that Nice.

Dibakar Das says:

How much price

Islam Hamdy says:

How i can order one ??
I am from Egypt

Nildo says:


Takeiteasy 2 says:

People dont buy this crap. Get a power rack, a barbell, good weight(for you), and some bands. Plus you can do pull ups and dips on a power rack.

Agung Tri says:

piraan lik?


$2799 is the price of the full set

jonathan islas says:

Cuánto cuesta la máquina y si la pueden enviar a México

Dipak Raut says:

How can I online much rupees. I am from nepal

John Peter says:

Wow. Full body workout equipment. Fantastic machine.

Adnan Reza noori says:

Price how much 9113108693

kumar shubham says:

should i purchase it online??

Pradeep Singh Bhati says:

How purchase this

Ashutosh Singh says:

What's the cost sir

Ravi Kumar says:

How much Price

Vijay Chauhan says:

What is cost

Mufti Muhammad Usman says:

detail what s the price of this multi machine and location plz????

Shelby GTRAG says:

Very good system, I own same one, not as good as my nautilus system but this unit costs more. Would recommend for home gym for one of major pieces.

deep chaudhuri says:

I want to buy this …

HB Country First says:

Price Approximately Rs. 2,50,000 manufacturers are from Australia so don't know they sell it in India? $4000 (I have no idea what's included and what not)

jogendra Rohidas says:

What the cost of this product?

Raja Rao says:

Price how much

carroll gold says:

What is the price of the whole package please ?

daga baaz says:

What about butter fly..?

Brayton says:

All you can ever ask from a multi gym

Md abrar says:

Sir what's the price?? Plz reply?

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