How To Get "BIG" Legs with the Smith Machine

How To Get "BIG" Legs with the Smith Machine

In this video I will talk about how you can get big legs using the smith machine. You might not think this is possible but if you follow my advice you will see some great gains in your legs. You do need to be careful because you can get hurt in the smith machine is you don't set it up right so please make sure you follow this video to a T.

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Captaincaveman says:

Surely exercise number 6, Calf raises?

jack costa says:

#6 calf raises

kiki english says:

John looks younger???

Mark Olive says:

Really loving this YouTube Channel at the moment. Keep it up.

BenchPressing & Blunts says:

I would stand with my feet incorrectly cause i thought you weren't supposed to lean back. Thanks for the correction.

MIM ALK says:

Thank you for demonstration

Chris K says:

What is the best way to do the squats if my smith – machine does not run vertically but at a slight angle like the hammer strength smith – machine?
Depending on how I position myself, the angle of the machine runs diagonally forward or diagonally backward…I hope you know what I mean by that🤔😁

KYgopMajor says:

I figured out tip one based on whether my knees hurt or not in one position or another. My workout partner criticized my form with my feet way out in front. Can't wait to show him this video. Great info.

Gary Zuelch says:

Really like your channel sir.

Alex DeLarge says:

Smith machine, aka my chin-ups bar.

Celluler Sweller says:

Dam who's guads in the thumbnail, rediculouse development, was it yours, i thinkin it was.

MikeQ001 says:

I use the smith machine for legs, it's easy on my back.

Acrobatic Jesus1 says:

My gym won’t allow “free” weights. We have to bench with smith machine. I am trying to find a new gym, but the COVID shutdowns really hurt a lot of gym owners and it sucks.

Rickelstiltskin says:

Mike Israetel's smith machine squats are definitely killer as well.

Artie DaOneManParty says:

Really appreciate this video as I only have a smith machine available in my apartment building with no other machines. Thanks John (and a thanks from my knees too as I think I need to get a bit more forward than what I've been doing)!

Sandra Dawson says:


Brooklyn BULL-E says:

I want to find a woman to love like you love sharing your knowledge

j d says:

I'll be honest, I use the smith machine because no one else does. Social distancing made easy

Wolf Nüske says:

The Smith Machine helped me get back to squatting after hip replacement. After endless weeks of physio 100 pounds felt like a victory. Do I love it therefore? Yes!

Mike S says:

I have a Smith machine in my home gym on a wood floor so I took cut up padded carpet and put the carpet side down too keep from damaging the floor. I put my feet fwd so I could squat deeper(on the same angle as the bar path). By the time I worked my way up to 250 I went down with the bar and the whole machine started sliding back! Needless to say I stopped doing that exercise

CIutching says:

When are you going to mention genetics play a role in leg size? lol

dumbellgym pretorian says:

Excellant video…John certanly knows his onions!

Jon says:

Awesome 👏

bread eater says:

This is so cool. I never really thought about the Smith machine at all. It's really nice to see these and be like "damn that makes sense". Good video all the way through.

Jay Park says:

I use Incline Smith instead of Incline Barbell. Most Incline Bench is mostly not 5'6" friendly. Can't unrack it unless someone helps me to unrack

Romeo Rogers says:

Dorian yates used the smith machine for legs.

EetDrinkBeBerry says:

Hey John- another sleeper movement to try is Smith Good Mornings. You can really focus on sticking your hips back and don't need to load it as much.

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