Free weight squats Verses Smith machine

Free weight squats Verses Smith machine

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Kenny K.O: Fitness Industry Is All Lies
Nick's Strength & Power: Fake Weights vs real weights

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Andrea Gálvez says:

LOVE it Florina Keep goin' 🙂

ClassicBella4 says:

Thanks for another kick ass vid!!!! What pants are you wearing?! They look so flattering and comfy!

Allan Carcamo says:

lmfao!!! when your hubby just walked to spot you and gave you two butt spanks for motivation!! lol

Jessica Herrera says:

Love the videos I just subscribed ☺️.. where is ur sports bra from?

ryokocchan says:

I’ve always heard from my boyfriend, who does strongman comps, not to use a smith machine because it is a solid plane of movement. He’s always said it is harder on your body ergonomically. Not that the weight doesn’t count. I’m curious on your thoughts. Great video btw!

Gina Mo says:

Love your videos, don’t stop them
Please don’t give up

Bianca Perez says:

Yessss! My husband is one of those that swears the smith machine helps you (but also cannot ever come with me with me to gym to spot me) and I showed him this and shut him up real quick

KATE ' says:

Keeping it real

Katy Narchi says:

Full day at home! I was most excited about that one! We hardly ever eat out so meal ideas are always nice 🙂

robsantuario says:

Gostosa safada

Amber G says:

Love your videos!!! Yes please do a full day of eating video. Also, where did you get your sports bra and pink joggers at?

Tatiana Love says:

Where are your pink leggings/joggers from?

H Tuff says:

Thanks for the talk, Florina!

Jenny Soto says:

Video can never be too long 😂 I love and appreciate recipe/all day eating video 😘 thanks for all your advice.

Presley Poesy says:


chanel p says:

I think your legs weren't far enough out from the smith machine bar…. eeeeeeek, looked so bad for your back! From what i know from trainers, you need to put your feet out farther to make up for the back placement the bar puts you in

Reina RN says:

I keep liking this video and YOUTUBE is reversing it!! I’m going back and re-checking and liking your vids. YouTube can you please stop this?

Eneyda Cruz says:

If the converse shoes feel slippery for squats you can try Asics wrestling shoes. They're thinner and and the rubber sole has more grip. Go to an Academy and try them on to test them. I undo the laces on the ankle part on mine so it won't interfere with ankle mobility.

Unlawful Muzik says:


Shonda W says:

Show me all the food!! I want to know what u ate afterwards for ideas. 🍗🥔🥑

Yessy says:

Yes food day pls, also lol when your husband spanked you, mine does the same tho it's annoying sometimes jaja
As always great workout!!

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