CT Fletcher: The Smith Machine



Ben Marx says:

I use the smith for inclines especially when I don have a spotter. also go heavy with military presses

Roc420 Mr. Slowboogy says:

The hodge twins was talking down on the smith machine. They say BECAUSE of the way it comes strait down and up..it put too much tention on one part of the shoulders..or some shit like that..i don't remember. So yea..don't kno whats true.

Josh Osborne says:

the results don't lie take your correct ass to the suburbs!

Terry Starks says:


NaughtyDogPs3 says:

I was 4k like

jordan dangelo says:

I love the fucking smith machine for keeping my joints on point and still lift a ton of weight on shoulder press

donthejewler74 says:

Wasn't he offering some bullshit certificate too ? Lol guess he doesn't know what hypocrite means.

sugarsaint says:

"24 hour class"


Allan Costa says:

While CT is awesome, been a fan ever since these videos, and while I'm not form police at all(actually got in some kid's face that I knew that always had something to say about form with legit, every workout I did) I'm going to have too disagree with him a bit in terms of form.

Form is immensely important. It can be the difference between continuing weightlifting worry free, and dealing with pain for the rest of your life. I know a kid that pulls 500+ deadlifting and he's only 17 but just the other day I was talking to him and he remarked to me how he's almost always in some sort of pain. Almost always something in his body hurts. What's the point of being jacked out of your mind but getting out of bed is like taking a bullet to the gut?

inceptiondreamz says:

So true. So many things are proven as theories and just don't work.

eaglesallday0705 says:

Jfk to Lax-gangstar. All day. Everyday.

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