Come with me to the Gym | Leg Workout on Smith Machine! + GracefitUK Resistance Band

Come with me to the Gym | Leg Workout on Smith Machine! + GracefitUK Resistance Band

Hey guys! In this video I bring you to my gym for a #LegDay and it’s mainly using the #SmithMachine and featuring the #gracefitukresistance bands. The Smith Machine is a great way to work on your #squat form. Even if you’re a seasoned gym junkie, the smith machine can give you a great workout! PLUS a lil Gyaffin' about how difficult it is to find affordable activewear in Guyana! Don't worry though, I'm going to tell you about the MOST COMFORTABLE, SUPPORTIVE yet CUTE Gym Bra I’ve ever worn (You'll appreciate it if you're apart of the #BigTittyCommittee)

Have a Happy Workout and Remember to live a FIT 360 Lifestyle xo


Here’s the workout:

Warm Up: 5 mins Jump Rope

1. Squat with Resistance Band
2. Reverse Lunges with Ankle Weights
3. Elevated Stiff Leg Deadlift with Resistance Band
4. KickBacks on Machine


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James Evans says:

Great video. Keep it up!

Sandy P says:

Your arms looking POWAHH!!

renata cort says:

U know what Ashley I always saw you at the gym and in rose class but never said hi because I just thought u were maybe boujee but after watching your videos and our lil dms on instagram, you’re super cool and I wish I’d said hi. Anyways keep up the good work.

Farza Mohamed says:

Yep realistic girl . I would go to gym with u if we go same one lol.. im friendly if ppl are in gym 👌

Christopher Belfield says:

Love this. Informative and entertaining ❤️

Ambor Milan says:

Ashley girl where you get them bowls from. The one for meal prepping from your last video. ?? Great video btw

Sheldon Carew says:

Reserveddd but still friendly. Lol. Another very nice video, Ash. Keep up the good work!

Nadira Deonarine says:

Always wanted to join a gym but I'll be that girl who doesn't talk to anyone or would workout if someone is looking 😕 ! x

Shany Andrews says:

Your butt 😍😍😍😍

Suraj Budhan says:

Wonderful video Ashley an friendly person in the gym Lol keep it positive thank you

Domanique Cameron says:

What’s the name of the resistance band?



Sherry Hakim says:

I love ur self esteem #Ashley. 💪🏻🙏🏻
U need to do a morning routine on ur next video. I will love to see ur morning routine. Stay blessed 💕🥰

theophilus mclean says:

Love your content, you’re an inspiration 💪

Vittorio Scaletta says:


Julia Mohabir says:

Awesome video, wonderful personality…. Love you girl ❤❤❤❤

Devi Zainab Barlow says:

I absolutely love this video. Go get that 🍑 lol. #inspiration
I workout at home in the nights after I rest off and do housework after work. Buying my juicer soon! Big things ah gwan! ❤ thanks Ashley!

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