BIG BOOTY Smith Machine Exercises

BIG BOOTY  Smith Machine Exercises

Need a BIGGER Rounder Booty? Squats- Lunges & Deadlifts HOW to plus commentary! Include me to the health club

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Listed here are a few of my favourite exercises to construct your booty tone your arms
and again and offer you an throughout “match” look…

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John Davis says:

You make so many stupid comments in this video. Please watch a Mark Rippetoe video on how to squat and stop being stupid. Only tards use the Smith machine.

John Davis says:

Smith machine isn't hot. Regular barbell squats are hot. Ditch the Smith, lame!

Juan Chaclana says:

Not good belt stops u for using all ur muscles in ur lower back and abs only if ur lifting very heavy should u were belt and I'm a believer if u can't control the weight when u lift then u shouldn't be lifting it in the first place

Dubem28 says:

Whoa! That's an assquake!

Pan Cyans says:

Came. Twice. Hard too.

Fat Hamster says:

this white guy wants to eat that ass

ro G says:

Wow great vid and amazing body hell of a thick booty! Keep rocking it in the gym!

Th3lite says:

I guess my questions is have you always been curvy ?My body shape is more rectangular. I've never given birth, I know some women become shapely after birth and I've never been curvy. I want to set realist expectations.

Kiana Goston says:

Did you always have a big booty

Curt Park says:

Bunch of idiots that don't even know what they are talking about giving advice.

Kimberly Natasha says:

Very informative and motivating!

QueenDee129 says:

Nice vid gurl. i just started trying to use the Smith machine for gluts. That half squat machine seems useful as well. I don't think the Y has that one, but I will look. thx again,

M Attia says:

I want to try your waist band for exercising. What size should I order for a 31-33 waist?

Pink_est.1988 says:

ur body is all kinds of bomb!!

Carley Lester says:

I really prefer the smith machine because it takes the loaded barbel can be soo uncomfortable. Thanks for showing so many types of exercises with a safe form and for the lower back!!! xoxoxo

Shavonne Williams says:

Greetings!! Is there a way to know like the exact exercises, sets and reps that you did in this video. It looked like an awesome workout and I would love to do it…thanks for your help!!

miss kay says:

can you talk about how to cope with doms (delayed onset muscle soreness) from squats. I just started squatting and doms has made it painful going up steps and sitting on the toilet lol

Michelle Ghazy says:

Thanks for encouraging me Not to be "squeeze shy". πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

J.O. says:

OMG! I've been waiting for a video on smith machine exercises! Thank you beautifull!!

bizzie14 says:

Could you please share a picture of you before you started your journey of bigger booty? Thanks.

lucy lu says:

Thanks destiny appreciate the videos

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