Aarron Lambo – Shoulder Press on the ‘Smith Machine’

Aarron Lambo – Shoulder Press on the ‘Smith Machine’

Shoulder Press on the ‘Smith Machine’

Two small changes you can do that will make the world of difference when doing this exercise..

Keep them reps strict and tight and make sure the bench is in the right position through out.




david flitcroft says:

respect chum

Kevin Obrien says:

More chance of injury

Steven Holmes says:

Good advice as always aarron👍

356porwa says:

This guy knows whats up

a.a a.a says:

4 foot 2 deformed dwarf.. he's got a nonce brother (harry)ugly sister……..and his scabby kids……

Lift For Life says:

Kiss your RC's good bye.

Nic Lewin says:

Range of motion= 0

Mark Richardson says:

17 July 2018 "A shoulder press is a shoulder press". Aaron Lambert you sheer and utter FUCKING GENIUS!!!

Jew Dog says:

By far the best pressing excercise for shoulders … much better than dumbbells or free bar …. but behind the neck smith is the daddy of delt development… mix it in with side raises and you don’t really need to anything else lol … if u got test and gh in blood

Donald Pump says:

I dont like much of what he says but that is a very respectable weight to be shoulder pressing…smith machine or not. Respect.

matthew brian says:

Why do u mugs let him slag u off

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