5 Booty Building Smith Machine Workouts!!!!

5 Booty Building Smith Machine Workouts!!!!


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Santana Vibez says:

What’s the weight!?

William Lilien says:

I just got a smith machine for my home gym and I got great ideas besides squats. Thanku

Jessica Avram says:

Love this!! Will be trying it today at the gym 😊

Big R says:

All these women putting so much effort to make their asses too damn big. You look like you have a man's ass. Men don't have the guts to tell you girls that, this generation. Giant asses are NOT appealing, you girls look deformed! Men like an athletic ass that is proportional to your body! You all look like beanpoles with a giant ass attached! Unless you all are going for Mexicans and blacks…then go ahead, they like that shit. But its just another version of a tramp stamp then.

andrew mark says:

I wonder if she'll squeeze if I touch her pussy for a bit

ItsElectrifyin 1 says:


Guillermo Arenas says:

Thanks again for all the Bootylicious Sweetness 😊


Next vidéo 5 cock building😂😁😊

janet abreu says:

How many rounds of each move?

Rebecca Garnica says:

Where are you leggings from?? 🙂

esils says:

How do you do those leg press when you need to rotate bar to release

Aciebel says:

All the dudes checking her out…

Crest Fallen says:

For more subscribers, please show camel toe. Thank you in advance.

time2grow says:

This girl is clueless and doesnt know what she is talking about. Please dont take advise from her.


Grace Deane says:

Thank you so much! Very Helpful Video!

QueenDee129 says:

thx for the vid. i look at this machine everyday, but don't know where to start with it and don't want to ask anyone. How many pounds are you using? I was told i should start with about 30 lbs. thx again.

Gangi Films says:

very impressive.

Ilianna Silva says:

Very helpful! Thank you

POC Skellington says:

I like your butt 😮

Mooky Blaylock says:

I'm in love with that ass.

Vivien O says:

I think the smith machine is awesome for people who had knee surgery or something like this. I feel more safe at the beginning with the smith machine than the free squats. Of corse free exercises are better for balance

vegan `killer says:

your ass looks nice until you hit the finishing phase of the barbell squat.

Dennis The Menace says:

that ass tho

DeeFaaabulous says:

i want to use the smith machine so bad but i get so shy when it comes to working out with resistance machines :s

Austin power says:

oh my gosh..you're so beautiful.

_ Danila says:

You are beautiful 🙂 thx for the video

webbum says:

Ass to the grass!

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