24 Smith Machine Glute & Leg Exercises

24 Smith Machine Glute & Leg Exercises

Hope you enjoyed the workout!!

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Exercises mentioned are listed at the end of each video (:

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Jasmine Olveda says:

Save to my booty workouts to try! 🤪 Thank you JADE! 💖

Raraa 93 says:

For the slightly bigger girls who want to lower their body fat percentage and build their glutes, would you recommend to first lose the extra body fat and then build up your shape?
I’m trying to do both. I’m doing HIIT and lifting heavy but I don’t feel my glutes are gaining size. And if I ease off the HIIT then I won’t see much fat loss. I’m worried that when I do achieve a toned stomach, if I bulk and try to increase my glutes size, my stomach will get fat again. 😩sorry for the long comment.

Tivon Sanders says:

I did the kneeling hip thrusts tonight at the gym…best glute workout I've done in a long time. I really felt the burn!

Jai Chronicles says:

Girl! YES! AND i got to make sure i keep being CONSISTENT! LOVE THESE WORKOUTS

melissa richards says:

Thank you Jade!!! 💜

Priscille Diwa says:

Loveeee your channel!! Question: when I tried the step ups I didn't feel anything. What am doung wrong?

Deja W says:

I never got the point of the lunge knee tuck .. can someone explain ? Why would I need to do the tuck lol

Killa_Swag216 says:

Always providing that great content Jade. 👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️

Roxana J. Chavez says:

Willll always support you Jade, you’re working so hard! Love ittt!

Jessica Maxwell says:

Booty is goals good Lawd!

Meghiref Lylia says:

I tried this Yesterday and I can say that I can't feel my glutes today🍑 😭 Thanks for sharing Jade, your workouts are definitely the best. I'll keep on doing this ( and the workout for reducing hip dips ) for 6 months and come back to tell u about the results, thanks again and keep it up ❤️

S S says:

Too bad my smith machine doesn’t go low enough:/
Also where are your leggings from?

T BLK says:

Do you want people to see your face?

Lydia Perry says:

bless you for this

Cathy Mcdonald says:

Always the best thank u❤️

Troy Nix says:

Absolutely amazing!!!!!! Luv the workout content you put out… Keep motivating others!!!😉😉😉

Catherine Askew says:

Amazing! Thanks

kristen joe says:

does it matter which direction you’re facing on the smith machine? it has a slope to it and i’m usually facing the other way, just wanna know if i should be facing that direction instead 😅

Erin Fitzhugh says:

What’s the difference between the goblet squat and regular squat?

Julianne says:

LOOVE THIS! I’ve been neglecting the gym hard since work been hectic but this just hella inspired me to get the fuck on my griiiinnnd

Tamico Flack says:

How many sets and reps are your doing? 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Khaliyah Taylor says:

Yasss I save all of your workouts to my workout playlist 💞

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