You Upset Me Baby by 16 year old Alicia Marie on Guitar



Camron Sayyah says:

Absolutely fantastic!

Tom Goldsmith guitar says:

Good stuff mate

Phil Moley says:

how many guitars you got

Fred Tortonesi says:

wow i love your playing and your voice

Forrest Stead says:

Cookin the Blues up girl….great job here!

Chuck Raye says:

wow! you are amazing!! I could listen to you play all day long!

stinky foot says:

oh, and go Bears, lol!  😀

stinky foot says:

you have great talent!!  Awesome job!  🙂

Bee Hive says:

holy mother of chicken balls!!! you are smashing good!!! 😀 you made me happy listening….tankoooooooooo!!!!

bluesbaby8 says:

Gerry, I don't know yet, but I'll let you know when it happens! I'm thinking a lot about it. I really appreciate this comment! Thank you.

Lady Justice says:

Your voice is so much stronger in a yr! I love that your vocals are smoother along with your picks! Your hitting higher notes! Great sound! And I have no idea how old you are now! Can't wait to hear more! TY so much! I love it when you accompany your music with singing! Power house!

Gerry Bee says:

Sooooo…..where can I get a copy of your album?? Nice job girl! Seriously …if you don't have n album yet,you need to get in to the studio and get one!

daveo138 says:

Excellent. Well done.

bluesbaby8 says:

Thanks a bunch! I'm so sorry for the late reply.

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