Yesterdays (Wes Montgomery) by 15 year old Alicia Marie on Guitar

Yesterdays (Wes Montgomery) by 15 year old Alicia Marie on Guitar

15 year old Alicia Marie's version of Yesterdays on guitar.
If you would like to check out more of Alicia's material, please check her YouTube channel: or her facebook page: Thank you.



dennis brown says:

Wes has always been one of my favs.
Your starting to get there.

Tommy Brendel Jazz Guitar says:

Bravo!!! Thumbs Up!!


Hopefully she learns one day how to improvise. For the moment all what she has is the right tone and time, but phrasing sucks

budsyremo says:

You are like Lisa simpson , only cooler .

Ubaldo Tartaglione says:

Please,can you send me the backing track?I cannot find it,i'm going crazy 🙁

TheJofrica says:

You are very welcome, I enjoyed it very much! Keep it up.. 🙂

bluesbaby8 says:

Wowowo! Thank you. If she is, I'd be honored of course, just like I am by this comment.

bluesbaby8 says:

How lovely of you to send this to me! Thanks for the very sincere letter of kindness!

TheJofrica says:

Wow, this is great, keep it up! You are blessed with talent and you have a great musical journey ahead of you in your life. God bless!

MusicallyMrM says:

You are most welcome : )

bluesbaby8 says:

Kind sir, I thank you! Your words of encouragement are a joy to receive. I cannot fully express my gratitude. You definitely made me smile. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the part about Emily Remler. Thank you, again.

bluesbaby8 says:

Thank you so very much. I am very honored by your fine compliments!

MusicallyMrM says:

As a music educator, guitarist and performer, it is so amazing and so refreshing to see a youngster drawn to this fleeting art form. It always is such a downer for me to visit big named music stores and see the tons of kids chunking powerchords or simply riffing these redundant rhythms with no real desire to "learn" the guitar. Like has been said before, keep on doing what your doing young lady. You just might be the next Emily Remler. That would be a gas, for real. I applaud you.

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