Wings Of Strength Omaha Pro 2020 – posedown – Women's Bodybuilding

Wings Of Strength Omaha Pro 2020 – posedown – Women's Bodybuilding

Pro Female Bodybuilding
at Omaha Pro Show 2020
presented by Wings Of Strength, NPC MIdwest and the IFBB Pro League
Edited by JBFilmsMedia
Filmed by Hector Mendoza



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LordKoehler_TheImpaler says:

I would have loved to be in the front row!

Chef Trevor says:

I love how they crank the sexiness up a few notches during the posedown. They know exactly what they're doing!

fbb admirer says:

Ladawn getting bigger and sexier…

Sean Mcmillan says:

Angela Rayburn was the clear winner. The judges didn't get this one right in my opinion

Sean Mcmillan says:

Why is the cameraman so far away ?

Sean Mcmillan says:

Ladawn Mcday is fine asf

Sean Mcmillan says:

Wow, Angela Rayburn looks amazing.

Anji Yeo says:

Wish I could have seen this pose down in person!

Carey Leikam says:

They are so amazing. 👍

fbb admirer says:

Just so much gorgeous muscle

Beti Ona says:

Oh yes, this is much better posedpwn than so many mens pro shos, I love to see those most muscular shots

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