Why Schmoes Don’t Marry Female Bodybuilders!!!

Why Schmoes Don’t Marry Female Bodybuilders!!!

This video is about why Schmoes don't marry female bodybuilders! Often times Schmoes spend several thousands of dollars on sessions with their musclebound babes. A guy asked me why they simply don't try to pursue a relationship with them instead. I give three reasons as to why schmoes more than likely don't marry female bodybuilders. Check it out and tell me what you think!



Evan Moss says:

Personally I think te lady in the video was only half right, she can't speak for all men some of us do have authentic motives personally I would love to me a female body builder to see if there more there there than just a physical shell

Big Chesse says:

I'm a ex boxer. Who's fat after retiring. Would u ladies date me. I like a strong women. But I'm not after a trophy wife.

Robert Polanco says:

Personally, I may be a schmoe, but I seriously WANT to pursue a relationship with a female bodybuilder because I admire them and I am also ATTRACTED to them. I feel that I have a great deal of respect for female bodybuilders because they are uniquely great athletes. So MORE POWER to female bodybuilding ALL THE WAY!


Where do you find fbb

Pete Burrows says:

Schmos just sexualise fbs

Сергей Яненко says:

Why is it socially unacceptable for men to be weaker than woman? I like stronger females, their physical superiority. What's wrong with it?

Сергей Яненко says:

I am attracted to stronger women.
But I am afraid to be seen with them.
Is it ok to be weaker than wife? How to asdure myself it's fine?

Renato Herren says:

The whole "schmoe" thing is new to me, and it's kind of awkward. I would love a muscular woman because to me it's the ultimate form of beauty.

I would definitely marry her, for lots of reasons. One of them would be to love and cuddle her forever. 😍😍😍😍

magicsinglez says:

I think most of them think they aren't good enough to even be accepted on a first date with them, let alone marry them. Its a big deal, asking a woman out on a date (and awaiting the rejection). I'm guessing 95% of them are right. . but to honor that 5%, they should all try!

GlassGuise says:

What are these "Sessions"?
Sounds a bit weird.

ZO Barry says:

i need a female bodybuilder in my life ❤💕

David Flanagan says:

I would date a female body builder if it came up but I have never met one to be honest ! But I would by the girl in the video dinner !

Weapon of Light says:

I agree with all of that, but I would also add a lack of confidence and self esteem. I don't think a schmo would ever approach a muscular woman.

Robert Ridley says:

Lol @ "schmoes" why are they called that?

yotv van says:

I'm really attracted to female body builders but i have never seen one in person they are so rare its like finding a treasure i'm having a hard time finding a normal women who is attracted to me i was 21 years old when i had my first girlfriend and it did not last long.

Paul Rogers says:

Great insight Marcie. I agree with all of your perspectives. I would say its possible for a schmoe to date female bodybuilders, as long as they get past the fetishist fantasies, the focus on the 'shell' and relate as a whole person. That said, I am not sure if the 'fbb dater' (or husband or boyfriend) could still be classified as a schmoe?

chilly willy says:

I think you look incredible. Most FBB, due to their inhalation of anabolic steroids, HGH and testosterone, look as if during the hours of darkness that they sprout wings and talons and scavenge the earth for damned souls. You are beautiful. Whatever you are doing please don't stop! Totally feminine! I am a black man and I truly appreciate how great you look. I wish more of our women had as much poise and loveliness as you!

lionroard1 says:

Personally, I feel that there are more Fbbs doing videos describing ordinary guys as "trying their luck" or "not going to the gym" to feel that your point is valid.

Thanks for being open about how girls feel though, I haven't commented on a Youtube video in a long time and I enjoy seeing others' point of view.

pase lucky says:

It is not easy to find a female bodybuilder with a shape like a professional bodybuilder. And if you find someone then she must feel the same with you. So it is not easy to find. Not many women used male hormones and without hormones they dont build muscles like a shmoe want. And some bodybuilders are in off season realy massive and ugly and only in contest shape attractive

robbiesize says:

Spot on Marcy! But you maybe missed that the guy has to have money. I do sessions but have only connected once, and it couldn't happen! And I knew it because she was doing sessions. They are shit for linking up for real…. I liked her, but had bought professional service. You don't meet bodybuilders otherwise without a level of stalking, I imagine? Anyway having a real woman tells you a bodybuilder would be too hot to handle. Be gentle Marcy! Don't really work! Girl has to be cruel boss and nice nurse! That's a professional job not a spouse. Sorry ranting?

A.F. Cheek says:

Hey beautiful, I don't see the problem, I love female bodybuilders. I would date and show her off in the open, if it came to it, I would marry one. There just insecure. I would like to date some, no any single fab ? Let me know.

TVTruther says:

admiring and marrying are two different things..don't over think it.

jak burton4 says:

So here is my question do you give just a regular guy a chance with the things you just said in terms of inner not the physical . Mostly not maybe the gym ain't his thing so I bet you look pass

BetaMentra says:

I meet a fbb one time, do a couple of session with her, She's beautiful, muscular and smart. But she did not want a guy doing sessions. She did not want to be the alpha male of the couple and be considered a goddess.

Luiz Matos says:

Relationship is not a fetisch. It demands a lot from both.

Daëmon says:

You are lucky I don't live near you 😛

D Monk says:

I've been attracted to fbbs since I was 6 or 7 but I have never seen an active fbb in my life. Only one that had done it 10 years ago and long since deflated back to average shape lol. I've seen maybe two that were bikini level, and less than dozen or so with one amazing body part, usually calves , nice arms or abs. The only way to see this 'fetish' through so that it doesn't drive me nuts, and since the numbers are nowhere high enough for me to successfully pursue for a date or relationship, is to travel and become a session schmoe at least for a year. Starting this summer.

max de la fuente says:

this reminds me when a friend asked me ''dude do you like muscle chicks'' and then laughed as if it that was something bad. i still remember just looking at him and saying yes i do. as some one who invests 8 hours a day practicing his craft and traveling all over the world to compete for a living. i can apreciate the effort and the amount of dedication this woman have. also the few interactions i had with one so far ended in a really good friendship. currently im triying to better myself physically before i try to date one. but yes i would openly marry a fbb in a heartbeat i dont understand why would i ever feel ashamed of it. just inlove.

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