What happens when female bodybuilders retire?

What happens when female bodybuilders retire?

In some cases, female bodybuilders tend to lose their famine look while being in their best shape for a bodybuilding competition. Anyway, that depends on different factors such as their natural look, the percentage of body fat, muscle mass and probably the level of testosterone.

Some people like this in female bodybuilding, others dislike but there is no any other sport that disturbs the consciousness of people so much. There are some rumors that when female bodybuilders stop competing they tend to become manlike, so to speak. There are actually some cases but in this video I will show you what happened when some 5 top female bodybuilders (the best of the best) retired. And you will see that even now they look phenomenal and really feminine.

FYI, the photos “before” and “after” were taken with the gap of more than 5 years. The female bodybuilders are shown in this video in succession of their involvement in bodybuilding.

Enjoy this video.

#5 Cori Everson, USA (1984 – 1989 Ms Olympia)
Height = 172 cm/ 5’ 8’’
Weight = 66 kg/ 145 lb
Competed in 1984 – 1989
Now she is 60

#4 Kim Chizevsky, USA (1996 – 1999 Ms Olympia). The tallest winner.
Height = 173 cm/ 5’ 8’’
Weight = 72 kg/ 159 lb
Competed in 1993 – 1999
Now she is 50

#3 Lenda Murrey, USA (1990 – 1995, 2002, 2003 Ms Olympia)
Height = 165 cm/ 5’ 5’’
Weight = 70 kg/ 154 lb
Competed in 1990 – 2004
Now she is 56

#2 Yaxeni Oriquen, Venezuela (2005, Ms Olympia). The heaviest winner.
Height = 170 cm/ 5’ 7’’
Weight = 73 kg/ 161 lb
Competed in 1994 – 2016
Now she is 52

#1 Dayana Cadeau (2004, Ms Olympia in 135lb/61 kg class, 2nd runner in 2006/07 Ms Olympia)
Height = 164 cm/ 5’ 5’’
Weight = 58 kg/ 128 lb
Competed in 1997 – 2011
Now she is 52

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William Thisbal says:

It's amazing to see them go back to an average beautiful woman.

Kam Zeng says:

They all look sexy as most of them where former Ms. O.
My top 2 is Yaxeni who even stopped competing looks like she never stop training. And Lenda, being the object of my desire and looking at her early days as Ms.O gets me in heat. She stops competing and I am still in heat!!!!
She wasn’t my favorite FBB but Dayana is really the fan favorite as she made herself look much more beautiful via cosmetic surgery on her eyes, nose and lips.

Chandler White says:

I think Kim C.’s “after” pics look great. Her face looks completely different when not dehydrated for a contest and still in phenomenal condition.

Scott Givens says:

Man! Why do the women still look beautiful after completing? and the guys… Well you know

A.J. Hart says:

You guys drooling over Dayana Cadeau are joking, right?

Sadiki Akil says:

Lenda Murray looks the best!

Frank Morton says:

Damn the brothers love these bodybuilders fat asses! Kardashian asses!.😂😂😂

Nick Stahl says:

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Body By PT says:

They look great before and after, hmm how do I get my gf into it? 🤔

Diggerdog2nd says:

Yeah Dayana is still hot!!!! She's gone from one hot look to another.

Ubaldo Luevanos says:

yaxeni orriquen sigue siendo la número 1 a pesar del tiempo está mejor que nunca

Larry Potts says:

I see y Dayana Cadeau is number 1

Ubaldo Luevanos says:

yaxeni orriquen Eres mi faborita número 1

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