What happens when female bodybuilders retire? Part#2

What happens when female bodybuilders retire? Part#2

This video is a visual comparison of female bodybuilders’ conditioning in their prime and their most recent shape. It’s incredible to see that despite some of them stopped competing years ago; some of them look like they’ve never stopped training. I’ve chosen 5 top female bodybuilders for comparison but this time I’ve selected more photos for you than in my previous video.
In this video, you will see the following female bodybuilders:
Vickey Gates, USA (2nd in 2000 Ms Olympia)
Vlaentina Chepiga, the Ukraine (2000 Ms Olympia HW)
Andrulla Blanchett, the UK (2000 Ms Olympia LW)
Juliette Bergamann, Holland (2001 Ms Olympia)
Yolanda Hughes, USA (2nd in 2001 Ms Olympia)

FYI, all of the photos depicting current shape of female bodybuilders have been taken from their Instagram. This video is only for educational purposes to educate people interested in female bodybuilding and its history. Enjoy the video.

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