Top 8 Most Beautiful Bodybuilding Female! you never seen before

Top 8 Most Beautiful  Bodybuilding Female! you never seen before

There tends to be a negative perception about bodybuilding and those who compete in the sport today. People who know little about the sport think it’s just about how many drugs you can pump into your body, a little training, a hell of a lot of food and then posing on stage in those tiny trunks. It’s not what many people deem to be a “proper” or “watchable” sport – many people don’t see the attraction.

Yes, there are drugs involved – unofficially of course – supplements, lots of food and brutal training regimes, but there’s far more to it than that. There’s a lot more that goes into making a championship bodybuilder.

It’s also important to note that in bodybuilding, biggest is not necessarily the best; it’s all about symmetry – having muscles that are in proportion with one another. That’s what bodybuilders strive for.

This is the same for men and women’s bodybuilding. There are plenty of divisions in women’s bodybuilding. There’s of course bodybuilding – where size and symmetry are important – as well as physique and figure. This essentially blends bodybuilding and fitness. There are also the Bikini girls, judged on their lean, toned physiques while posing in bikinis.

In women’s bodybuilding, looks also play a part in the judging – not so much in the bodybuilding division, but certainly in the other three. These are 8 of the hottest women in bodybuilding, still strutting their stuff and competing on stage today.

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