Top 5 females with crazy biceps

Top 5 females with crazy biceps

In this video, you can see female bodybuilders with probably the biggest biceps of all time. You can see their posing routine as well as them showing-off only their biceps. So, enjoy this video.

FYI, the following female bodybuilders are in this video
5.) Brigita Brezovac, Slovenia
Height = 163 cm/ 5’4”
Weight = 70 kg/ 154 lbs
Biceps = 41 cm/ 16 in

4.) Alina Popa, Romania
Height = 168 cm/ 5’6”
Weight = 75 kg/ 165 lbs
Biceps = 41 cm/ 16 in

3.) Lesa Lewis, USA
Height = 178 cm/ 5’10”
Weight = 82 kg/ 181 lbs
Biceps = 43 cm /17 in

2.) Jana Linke, Austria
Height = 177 cm / 5’10”
Weight = 84 kg/ 185 lbs
Biceps = 43 cm/ 17 in

1.) Renne Toney, Brazil
Height = 173 cm/ 5’8”
Weight = 88 kg/ 194 lbs
Biceps = 51 cm/ 20 in

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Juan Abramzick says:

NOTE!! Jana Linke is not Australian, she is born in Germany and resides in the USA.

emssherill says:

I love this.

Mark Masters says:

Lesa "Amazon" Lewis honestly does NOT get here just due. She embodied beautiful dense muscularity with feminine sex appeal. It was a shame she retired before she got the accolades of her prime.

I honestly think she was cheated during the 99 Ms.O, it was like the judges were just second guessing her physique for no reason whatsoever. Moreover in a sport that you have to "chase the champion" her structure was pretty much on par with the sitting Ms.O (Kim Chizevsky) at the time. (Nothing against Kim either, she also retired prematurely). I believe this was maybe due to Wayne Demelia….

Jimbo Steen says:

Disagree, kim Perez should b before Brigitte, sorry!!!!!I've seen them side by side

Kam Zeng says:

The three out of 5 that are pros and competed in the Ms.O.
Bregita Brezakova
Alina Popa
Lesa Lewis
The three had what it took to really give current 10 place Ms. Olympia Iris Kyle a run for her money.
Bregita had a body that brings memories of Denise Rutkowski and Kim Chizevsky but bigger and cut. She retired for good with a lot of tattoos.
Alina Popa is a rising Romanian FBB and her symmetry and mass is out of this world. She beat Helle Nielsen in the Phoenix Rising contest.
And my favorite as it brings back memories.
Lesa Lewis- the 90s was such a incredible time for FBBs and the sport itself. I saw her in a magazine and it looked like Lenda Murray with more weight and mass. She was a double edge sword as she was very big tall and muscular but she actually looked very attractive. She was constantly cheated and 2001 was her last contest as Andrulla as well!!!
I am curious to know how Lesa looks like now.

guglielmo64 says:

Lesa Lewis…My favorite! Michelle Maroldo should be in there too!

Ubaldo Luevanos says:

Lesa Lewis estás espectacular atleta sexy que portento de mujer poderosa

Ubaldo Luevanos says:

La mejor es Lesa Lewis la número 1

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